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6 cocktails inspired by 6 Milwaukee artists and bands

Milwaukee has always been known as a beer town, but in recent years, the craft cocktail is finding a home in our fair city.

Just like craft breweries have called Milwaukee home for many years, a new batch of distilleries is cropping up in our city, such as Great Lakes Distillery, Twisted Path Distillery, and Central Standard Distillery. Even Bittercube, which makes one of a kind bitters, calls Milwaukee home.

These companies have contributed to the craft cocktail scene in Milwaukee as well as the talented pool of bartenders, like Boone & Crockett’s owner John Revord.

To celebrate this renaissance of creative concoctions, one week out of year has been dedicated to all things cocktail -- Milwaukee Cocktail Week, and it is happening Sept. 16 to Sept. 22.

In honor of Milwaukee Cocktail Week, 88Nine asked John Revord to create six cocktails inspired by six Milwaukee artists and bands. For this unique challenge, the bands and artists were:

  • Light Music
  • The Living Statues
  • Paul Cebar
  • Whips
  • NAN (New Age Narcicissim)
  • Strehlow

Check out the cocktails that were created below. You can also order these drinks at Boone & Crockett. And, make sure you visit Boone & Crockett on Monday, Sept. 21 for a cocktail celebration of Bay View as part of Milwaukee Cocktail Week.

Drinks were co-created by John Revord, Mary Oglesby & Mitchell Ciohon.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee