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Happy Birthday (81), Leonard Cohen!

Leonard Cohen turns 81 today. You probably know him as a singer and songwriter. Most have at the least a passing familiarity with his work, his best-known song is 'Hallelujah' which has had quite a renaissance in the past 20 years, with it even making the rounds on shows like American Idol. Cohen is so much more than a singer/songwriter, though. He's a poet, author, painter and a Canadian. He's earned the CC, or Order of Canada and the Order of Quebec, quite the distinguished Canadian.

88Nine's Justin Barney is a Leonard Cohen fanatic, so when I saw that it was Lenny's birthday, I told him to make a suggestion for today's Shadow, I'm a giver. He managed to Justify (a new verb I made up to mean he made it Justin's) his selection with the cover by one of his other obesessions, Father John Misty. Well, played, dude.

And here's the FJM version: