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Tuesday's Director's Pick: a charming, funny, and dramatic comedy from Brazil

For Director's Pick, Milwaukee Film Artistic and Executive Director Jonathan Jackson tells us what film he is seeing each day.  



Jordan Lee: Jonathan, what is your pick for today?

Johnathan Jackson: I’m really excited about this film it’s one of my favorite in the festival. It’s an incredibly well-made and dramatic comedy from Brazil. It won the audience award at both the Sundance and Berlin film festival which is sort of quite a feat. It’s a Brazillian comedy, it looks at the home life of a well off family and their relationship to their live-in maid. The maid has been taking care of her daughter from afar for several years but her daughter comes to visit as she’s looking to go to college and it throws the entire family into chaos. In credibly charming, funny and dramatic comedy. The Second Mother from Brazil. 

The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?)

Tuesday, Sep. 29 @ Oriental Theatre, 7pm 

Wednesday, Sep. 30 @ Fox Bay Cinema Grill, 4pm


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