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Weekly Download | Lucero, "Can't You Hear Them Howl"

This week's download comes from the new album,  All A Man Should Do from the band Lucero.  You have 7 days to grab their track "Can't You Hear Them Howl"

<i>"All A Man Should Do" contains some of the most resonant lyrics Ben Nichols has ever written, lyrics that read like chapters from his life on the duality of relationships, getting older, finding where you want to be in this world, and musically we are broadening our sound. Working with producer Ted Hutt for a third time at the famous Ardent Studios, we felt comfortable enough to take some chances with a palette of new tones that sound understated yet powerful, bringing life to the stories behind the lyrics without overshadowing them.</i><br><br> <i>It’s also the first time we’ve ever put a cover song on a record, with a full band version of big star’s “I Fell in Love with a Girl”, and having Jody from Big Star sing back-up vocals makes it that more special and amazing. This is a Memphis record in the greatest sense and a perfect finish to the three-part love letter to a city that brought us up and made us what we are today</i><br><br>

You can catch Lucero perform at Turner Hall Ballroom on October 22

Download Lucero's "Can't You Hear Them Howl" (right click and save as)

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