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New Order's 'Brotherhood' turns 29 this week; listener Ryan suggested we mark the occasion

This week marks the 29th anniversary of New Order's "Brotherhood" album  -- and also the release of their latest album "Music Complete," their first in 12 years.

Ryan from Tosa* suggested I play New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" and Frente's 23 year-old version. Done and done.

And Aussie band Frente's version.

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*Ryan from Tosa is a guy my wife and I met while we were living in Chicagoland maybe 5-6 years ago. He and his wife lived in our neighborhood but mentioned that they were moving to MKE, which bummed us out as they seemed like cool people.

This summer, after doing stage announcements for Tosa Tonight, Ryan came up and reminded me of our acquaintence back in Chicago. They now live less than a mile away from us in Tosa. Small world. Even smaller world: Ryan went to medical school with our pediatrician.