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Mr. Sting turns 64 today.

Gordon Sumner turns 64 today but ever since he incessantly wore that black and yellow sweater years ago and the nickname Sting stuck, he likely hasn't been called Gordon much, 'cept maybe by his mum. He's written dozens of timeless songs solo and with The Police that live on not just on the radio but as the building blocks of Hip-hop and R&B tunes to this day. It's also no secret that Mr. Sting is also a bit self-satisfied, so I thought it might be fun for Sting to basically cover himself. For the original, it's The Police and their version of "Murder By Numbers" which ignited the moral majority and Jimmy Swaggart types which inspired anti-censorship crusader Frank Zappa to invite Mr. Sting onstage and perform the song with his crack band. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sting!

Here's audio of the Zappa/Sting version:

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