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Weekly Download | Fast Romantics, "Julia"

This week's download comes from the Canadian band Fast Romantics. They recently released the very catchy song "Julia." You can check out our little session with Fast Romantics here.

For Fast Romantics, it has been four years of adventuring their way through the backcountry of Canadian indie-rock, often attempting to straddle that hazy intersection at the corner of rock n’ roll and pop. Now, with their second full-length album Afterlife Blues, it sounds as though they have — quite confidently — found their way home.
After constant touring in support of their new album Afterlife Blues and winning ‘Pop Group of the Year’ at the 2014 Sirius XM Indies, the band’s frontman continues to insist that their third album is really just a starting gun for the reinvention of his band.

While Fast Romantics’ earlier work prompted comparisons to Elvis Costello and Blur, Afterlife Blues carves a bit of a different path right through the great cities of American music. From New Jersey to Detroit, and then cutting down through the heartland, they have somehow managed to combine all of these sounds without selling their distinctly Canadian souls.

Download Fast Romantics, "Julia" (right click and save as)

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