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Happy Birthday Bob Mould!

I got some bad intel earlier this week that told me Monday was Bob Mould's birthday, I discovered about 15 minutes before air I was off by a few days and played The Damned for Dave Vanian's b-day. With today being Bob's REAL birthday, we must honor him with a song. Bob began his career with Husker Du, then had a few solo records, went back to the band format with Sugar and is now back solo but has incorproated Husker Du songs into his repitoire. And big news this week was that Husker Du started a website, it's currently just selling (cool) t-shirts but has stoked interest that a reunion might be afoot. Among the Husker songs that have been staples of his solo shows the last decade or so, is "Celebrated Summer", which we'll hear in Husker form, then a cover by Mark Kozalek of Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters.

And Mark's version: