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Famous groups that changed their names

Milwaukee's sister group "Vic & Gab" are changing their name -- to what, we don't know. But it got us thinking: what other groups have changed their names? 

Well, there were The Young Aborigines, Two Shades Deep, Mookie Blaylock and a lot of others you've never heard of -- because they became famous with  new names. 

We're not predicting this will happen to Vic & Gab (although that would be awesome, and it's certainly possible). 

But it begs the age-old question: what's in a name? Here are 10 groups who thought it was important enough to changed theirs.


Photo by Phil Andelman

The Young Aborigines became the Beastie Boys


Photo by Danny North

The Hype became U2


Photo by Danny Clinch

Mookie Blaylock became Pearl Jam


Two Shades Deep became Outkast


Photo by John

The Rattlesnakes became the Bee Gees


Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem

?became the Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Salty Peppers became Earth, Wind & Fire


?Photo by Phil Harvey

Starfish became Coldplay


Got any to add to the list?



Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee