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Resource fair opens doors for our homeless community

Headshots, haircuts, dental screenings, HIV testing... the resources were endless at this year's Project Homeless Connect, a one-day resource fair for our homeless community happening on Marquette's campus. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Milagro Jones, one of the volunteers working the event who has a unique connection with the event.

Although he's a volunteer now, he first attended the event when he was homeless. Thanks to the resource he recieved from Project Homeless Connect and his positive and driven attitude, now three years later, Milagro is at MATC and is actively volunteering to help others get the resources they need. 

Milagro is confident that we can get rid of homelessness altogether in Milwaukee and thanks to his hardwork and uplifting story, he's glad he could be part of the solution. 

Click the podcast player above to hear our full interview with Milagro Jones.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee