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88Nine's Jordan Lee shares his favorite, essential Allen Toussaint songs

Legendary musician and composer Allen Toussaint has passed away at the age of 77. He is definitely one of the pioneers of R&B in New Orleans. One of his biggest fans is our program director, Jordan Lee.  

As some of you may know, Jordan curated the Alverno Presents: Jones Uncovered show, a tribute to Quincy Jones.  But you probably didn't know the show was almost going to be "Toussaint Uncovered." 

So we asked Jordan to share some of his favorite and essential Allen Toussaint songs. 

"Allen Toussaint is more important to American music than we have given him credit in popular culture.  He is responsible for so many songs, that we all collectivly know and love, but don't always remember he wrote.  Songs like  'Workin’ In The Coal Mine,' 'Night People,' and “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley.'  

Many of his other songs were more reflective, delivering messages of social protest and racial uplift: 'Yes We Can,' 'Freedom For The Stallion,' and 'Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further.'




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