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Disq makes new single 'The Hardest Part' easy to love

One of the (many) great aspects of Radio Milwaukee — whether you’re on staff or a member or a listener — is discovering artists from the city and the state that might just whizz right past you otherwise.

Disq is one of those bands that might have missed my ears before I jumped on board here. And that would’ve been sad. The Madison-based quintet already released three new singles this summer, and they snuck in one more just before the calendar officially flips to fall.

There are many cool things about “The Hardest Part,” but the bass line wins for me. It’s the first thing to greet you, and I highly recommend tuning your ears to it as the song rolls along. Then go back and appreciate the brighter guitar riffs and vocal shift put in by Logan Severson (who also wrote the song).

Disq’s new album, Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet, comes out Oct. 7. Can’t wait.

(A quick note: We included a static version of the song below because the music video might be problematic if you’re sensitive to flashing lights. If you’re not, go check it out. It’s weird in all the good ways.)