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Caroline Polachek welcomes you to her album run-up with new single

Caroline Polachek has been a singles champ of late, with this October’s “Sunset” (which you can hear on-air at 88Nine) marking her third dating back to last July. Now, it appears all three will show up on a new album, along with a fresh track released today: “Welcome to My Island.”

On the just-released single, Polachek wails. Like, actually wails. It’s one of several vocal affectations in the first 25 seconds or so, which see her explore the depths and heights of her range while conjuring up personal memories of this gem from Listerine commercials of yore (yes, I’m old).

As a whole, the song is a series of hairpin turns that hang together quite nicely. A brief but cutting guitar riff at the outset steps aside for the synthpop that drives most of the track. Vocally, you get the aforementioned wailing mixed with chanting, singing and a quick spoken-word section toward the end. It’s eclectic, energetic and easy to get lost in.

You can listen to “Welcome to My Island” below and pick up Polachek’s new album, Desire, I Want to Turn Into You, on Feb. 14.