Radio Milwaukee staff

Radio Milwaukee staff

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We’re proud of our DJs. They’re the voices — and faces — of our station.

But we’re also proud to introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Those who organize our events, work with our members and business supporters, keep our finances straight…oh, and the fabulous folks who run the website (and write for it)!

Meet our Radio Milwaukee team.

Our on-air and programming staff

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Dori Zori

Marcus Doucette

Ken Sumka

Nate Imig

Tarik Moody

Kima Hamilton

Justin Barney

Kat Froehlich

Sarah Fierek

Jordan Lee

Kenny Perez

Natasha Jules

Tyrone Miller

Station management

Glenn Kleiman

Francesca Kempfer

Sarah Fierek

Rebecca Steiner

Alyssa Feuerer

Tarik Moody

Amelinda Burich

Laura Dyan Kezman

Peter Adams

Sarah McClanahan

Doris Wessels

Cheryl Bennett

Kris deFelice

Carly Statza

Cynthia Zanow

Maggie Corry

Vianca Fuster

Stephanie Baghai

Kyle Heller

Maddy Riordan

Nicole Beilke

meet our people on-the-air and behind the scenes