Sarah Fierek

Sarah Fierek

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My zip code was 54440 growing up. A country paradise on Mission Lake Road will always be where I call home.

First concert?  
The one I remember the most is Silverchair at Summerfest, 1999.   It was a big deal to road trip to the “big city” when I was 16 going on 17. They had just released their song “Anthem for the Year 2000.”  I graduated high school that year, so that was our anthem.

Favorite band/artist of all time? 
I can’t get enough of Nina Simone and I really love London Grammar.

Photography, writing poetry or songs, singing, ice skating and making homemade soup.

How/why did you get into radio? 
Radio is literally in my blood. Members of my extended family started with the call letters WRIG back in 1958.  I grew up admiring radio as a child, and aspired to be a singer, which meant making way too many requests for “Like a Prayer” to WIFC.  I like to think that working in radio is part of my destiny.  It skipped a generation but I ended up working for 88Nine, the station of my dreams! We even take requests on Saturday mornings. I believe I’m always where I’m meant to be to get to where I belong.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Director of Underwriting Partnerships and Weekend Host