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Alyssa Feuerer

Marketing Director

Mukwonago, WI

First concert? (band, how old were you, where)
Backstreet Boys. Marcus Amphitheater. I think I was about 14 or so? I still have a special place for them in my teenage heart.

Favorite TV show of all time?
Saturday Night Live (circa '95-'05)

Favorite band of all time?

I run a lot. That's my favorite way to start each day. I spend a lot of time with my dog, Max. I enjoy spending weekends at Brewer Games. I also like to bike around the city with my husband and visit beer gardens and breweries.

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee? 
Lakefront Brewery or Miller Park. Or in a perfect world, both.

What do you like most about Milwaukee?
I love the cultural accessibility that Milwaukee offers. From festivals to food to vibe of the different neighborhoods. Our food culture has really upped its game and we're fortunate to have access to so many incredible ethnic and conceptual options. And Milwaukee's beer game is strong. It's hard to not stumble across a brewery or craft brew pub here (Notice a theme?).