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Spring 2023 Online Wreath Sale Fundraiser benefiting Milwaukee Pets Alive!

Spring 2023 Online Wreath Sale Fundraiser benefiting Milwaukee Pets Alive!

Spring 2023 Online Wreath Sale Fundraiser benefiting Milwaukee Pets Alive!

Level up your spring decorating game while helping local animals with special needs and considerations when you purchase a handmade wreath from our online sale!

Here’s how it works:

Please visit Milwaukee Pets Alive’s facebook page ( starting Monday, March 13th at 11:00 a.m. (or slightly thereafter if we experience any technical difficulties getting it going – so check back in a few minutes if that’s the case). That’s when our sale will go live! If you’re not available at that time – it’s okay! Our sale/fundraiser will go through Saturday, March 18th at 11:59 p.m., but if you want to increase the likelihood of snagging the wreath you want, you’ll want to visit early (preferably when we go live – these wreaths sell fast!)

Look for the 2023 Milwaukee Pets Alive Spring Online Wreath Sale album on our home page. All the wreaths and door hangers you see there will be available for sale! These one-of-a-kind wreaths were handcrafted with love to help the very special animals Milwaukee Pets Alive serves.

All wreaths were photographed on the same, standard, 36" wide door so you can get perspective of size. Every design is SO DIFFERENT from the next (they are so cute!!!) and like nothing you could purchase in a store (so you won’t have the same one as your neighbor – guaranteed!). We have big, we have small, we have medium-sized - we even have minis! We have something for everyone! You won't see variety like this anywhere (and your neighbors won't have the same wreath you have) so buy from us! The price of each will be found when you click on the corresponding photo.

If you are interested in purchasing a wreath (100% of the sale of each goes directly to the care of the special needs/considerations animals in our program!), you will email and tell us the name of the wreath you are interested in.

The first person to email about a wreath will be responded to (via email) and told they have the first option to purchase the wreath they expressed interest in. They will be given instructions on how to submit payment securely online via our website.

Local, Milwaukee Metro Area sales only, please. We are unable to ship wreaths.

Purchased wreaths will be available for pick up at our pick-up event at Bark N’ Scratch Outpost (5835 Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee) on Monday, March 20th from 4-6 p.m. If you want a wreath and cannot make it to Bark N’ Scratch during our pick up date and times on the 20th, please ask a friend or family member to come to pick it up on your behalf.

Wreaths are so welcoming – whether that be welcoming guests…or welcoming YOU home at the end of the day. It’s such a simple, easy decoration to put up. But most people only have a wreath for Christmas – not spring or summer! Do you have a wreath for every holiday? Every season? Why not?!? We are determined for every door in SE WI to have a wreath for every season (and eventually - everyone will have at least one they got from an MPA wreath fundraiser!). We often think about the energy shift that would make in our community - because when you decorate, it’s an outward expression of joy! Wreaths on the INTERIOR doors or walls of your home are such an under-rated decorating concept! You get to see and enjoy them often throughout the day (unlike the one you hang on the outside of your door). We hope you’ll consider a wreath for the inside of your front door, the kitchen, your bedroom door, your living room wall, your office – wherever you need some cheer! We want to help everyone out with their decorating in a fun way while raising much needed funds for our rescued special needs/considerations animals!

If you know someone who doesn't have a spring wreath, please make them aware of this sale!

While you’re browsing our album of available wreaths, please "L-I-K-E" your favorite as our fundraiser also doubles as a contest for the wonderful people who took time to craft the beautiful wreaths you see! The one with the most "likes" will be the winner of some MPA swag, a trophy as the 2023 Spring Wreath Contest winner, and bragging rights of course.

Let’s not let a door go naked in our community this spring! And let’s help the animals that need us most!

Decorate. Do good.

Thank you in advance to all those who purchase from our sale!

If questions, please email

Woof! Meow! Thank you!

Milwaukee Pets Alive (MPA) is an all-volunteer, No Kill, 501c3 special needs and considerations rescue that focuses on saving those local animals that have been passed over by, would not be accepted into, or would be killed by other rescues and shelters because of their needs and considerations and would have no other option for life except for through our organization. These animals may be shy, scared, under-socialized, injured, aged, differently-abled, have medical needs, or need extra resources – all deserve the chance to be loved and cherished. And all deserve time, understanding, patience, and good, comprehensive veterinary care to help them get happy, healthy, and reach their highest potential. Their lives are important.

Our mission, through our work aforementioned and through comprehensive programs and resources to educate and help community members help the animals in their own lives (thereby preventing more animals from entering the shelter system), is to end the killing of homeless companion animals in southeast WI. The population we rescue comprises those that continue to die in the greatest numbers in our community.

Our vision is for southeast WI to be one of the safest communities in the United States for companion animals.

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11:00 AM - 11:59 PM, every day through Mar 18, 2023.

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