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Paper Holland bring brassy melodies in their new single, ‘Don’t Go Now’

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The new track is a soft indie rock plea that contains all the main ingredients that make Paper Holland a crowd favorite: melodic rhythms, entrancing buildups and full-bodied brass backings. It’s apparent that since their last album, Paper Holland’s self-awareness has manifested maturity and growth through concise, fluid breaks and an overall more poised, elevated sound.

paper holland new song

Listen to the track below and be sure to check them out at their album release party with Klassik and Jaill on June 1 at Anodyne Coffee.

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Five things to do this weekend in Milwaukee

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Gloss Weekend 3

Milwaukee’s Gloss Records is having their 3rd annual Gloss Weekend and looks to make Riverwest the spot to be for local music this weekend. It runs Thursday through Sunday, a total of 15 performances at several spots in the Riverwest neighborhood; including Linneman’s, Mad Planet, Club Timbuktu and High Dive. They’ll wrap it up with a free afterparty Sunday evening at High Dive. Pick a night, they’re all stocked with Gloss Records’ exceedingly dope lineup.

Thursday @ Linneman’s

NO/NO – (ORB) – Dashcam

Friday @ Club Timbuktu

Lorde Fredd33 – Soup Moat – Sex Scenes –Storm Chaser

Saturday @ High Dive

Surgeons in Heat – Wet Piss (Chicago)

Saturday @ Mad Planet

The Delphines – Rio Turbo – Dirty Dancing – Rex Everything

Sunday @ High Dive (After-Party)

Moon Rats – Gnarly Davidson (Kansas)


Sheer Mag with Fury and Red Death 

Philly-based punk band Sheer Mag is in town this Friday in Bay View for a show at Cactus Club. With a 70’s rock vibe and a punk ethos that propels live sets known for their grit as well as their groove. This is a band that cares deeply about the times we live in and express they’re feelings about it with monster hooks and a classic rock vibe. Also on the bill, some other travellers, Red Death from DC and Fury from California as well as local DJ Andy Junk.

Friday at 9pm @ Cactus Club ($14)

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The musical trust fall of Justin Vernon’s Eaux Claires secret lineup

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As the “City of Festivals,” Milwaukee tends to overshadow the rest of the state when it comes to summer music festivals in Wisconsin. But, there are plenty of other (dare we say, underrated?) music festivals outside of Milwaukee. Here they are:

Eaux Claires

Justin Vernon’s Eaux Claires music festival may not be underrated, but the lineup has less hype than usual this year…because there isn’t one—yet.

Eaux Claires 2018

Sufian Stevens, The National, Noname and Wye Oak have all been rumored to be making appearances. And, Francis and the Lights and Justin Vernon himself are almost certain to be playing. Other than that, Vernon is asking us to trust him on this one.

Eaux Claires has always been a bit more of an experimental music and art experience “retreat” in the woods, rather than a traditional music festival. It’s not really surprising that Vernon would try to pull something like this off. People trust him and his music curation. Many of the passes have already sold out.

It’s a great concept: to weed out the attendees that are only there for the headliner, to create an environment of musically open-minded people who will listen to anything, etc.

We just hope that the actual festival lives up to the big things fans are surely imagining. We don’t want another Harley-Davidson Rolling Stones/Elton John incident.

Blue Ox Music Festival

Blue Ox is the other (perhaps lesser-known) festival that takes place in Eau Claire, WI. But, it’s worth the weekend trip west. If you like rootsy Americana and bluegrass music, this festival is for you. Some gems in the lineup are Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and Margo Price.

blue ox lineup

Country USA Music Festival

This country music festival in Oshkosh, WI is a huge deal for country fans. And, it’s five days long. Check out the lineup:

Rock Fest

If you just like to rock, Rock Fest music and camping festival in Cadott, WI has a pretty hardcore lineup.

Mile of Music

The Mile of Music is an annual Americana music festival located in downtown Appleton, WI, featuring over 200 bands from across the country. It’s got a very Austin-South-by-Southwest-feel spanning Appleton’s downtown streets. Plus, our girls Reyna and Abby Jeanne will be there. And, it’s free. See the lineup here.


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We have the Summer Soulstice 2018 festival lineup!

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Summer Soulstice is one of the biggest days for Milwaukee music. It makes sense that it would take the longest day of the year to showcase it.

It’s all going down for free(!) in the middle of the East Side on North Ave. Check the lineup below.


East Stage

Sponsored by Educator’s Credit Union, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee and OnMilwaukee.com.

  • School of Rock
  • Paper Holland
  • Bo and Airo
  • Sat Night Duets
  • Greatest Lakes
  • Jaill
  • Rusty Pelicans

West Stage

Sponsored by Milwaukee Film, FM 102.1 and Milwaukee Record.

  • Negative Positive
  • Soulfood Mombits
  • Vincent Van Great
  • B~Free
  • Kal Berghdal Project
  • Abby Jeanne

Murray Stage

Sponsored by the Marcus Center, WMSE and Urban Milwaukee.

  • Paladino
  • Devil Met Contention
  • Kevin Hayden Project
  • Amanda Huff
  • Kyle Ferrick
  • Chickenwire Empire
  • Space Raft
  • Young Revelators

On top of all that music will be some opening solstice yoga sun salutations led by Urban Om, Nine Below mini-golf, BMX, Adventure Rock, Roll Train, a Milwaukee roller-skating dance troupe and live painted art from five local artists which will also serve as a temporary art installation this summer in Black Cat Alley.

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Today at 11! Stream a live concert from Belly and Editors

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NonCOMM 2018 Live Stream Schedule

Friday, May 18

(Times converted to CDT)

11:00-11:25 a.m. – Belly
11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – Editors


Watch the live sets through the VuHaus video below:

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Hear the students of TRUE Skool bring it on 414 Live

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Questlove is bringing a Prince symphony to Milwaukee

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“Prince was singular in his music. He was his own genre,” says Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. He is well-known as one of Prince’s biggest fans and will be hand selecting the musicians and arranging the show, though he won’t be performing himself.

It was announced by Live Nation Urban and TCG Entertainment in partnership with The Prince Estate.

Prince’s family and friends are making contributions as well, with a video presentation featuring never-before-seen footage, courtesy of the estate.

prince celebration

Each show will also feature a live band including amazing musicians and vocalists who will perform alongside the orchestra.  4U Prince’s extensive musical catalog will be represented in 4U, including his greatest hits as well as some of his lesser-known gems in this musical celebration.

See this symphonic tribute to Prince at the Riverside Theater on Friday, October 11. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m.

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DJDS and Khalid’s new song, ‘No Pain,’ hurts so good

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“No Pain” is a sentimental, yearning song about trying to prove to someone that you won’t hurt them the way their last lover did. Unlike a lot of DJDS tracks, this one doesn’t beg to be played at a raucous party; it’s slow and solemn, with an accompanying video that fits the mood. It’s slow trap meets gospel and it hurts so good.

Get a free mp3 download of the powerful song and see the equally powerful video below.


Download Button

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David Byrne tells us about his idea of utopia

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The new album is called “American Utopia,” but David Byrne isn’t starting his own utopian society. It’s not any kind of proposal. Rather, he says, “It’s more about our longing, hope and desire for something different and better than what we have now.”

On “American Utopia,” he makes that clear as soon as you turn the album over and find a series of questions…

american utopia back

It’s a wonderful piece. With it, one of the things Byrne makes clear about utopia is that everyone has a different vision or version of it.

So, what does David Byrne’s utopia look like?

“For me it’s…I can imagine a sense of community—a sense of well-being,” he says. “The people are connected to one another. Of course, that includes economic well-being too. That’s a start. I don’t have other kind of rules like, ‘Oh yes! Everyone should have sex with everyone else’ or anything like that…[laughs]”

Going through the first pass on any album, there’s always a song that lights up all of those spots in your brain. I told Byrne that for me, on “American Utopia,” the one that lit up the most spots in my brain was “Dog’s Mind.”

He acted surprised that I would want to talk about this seemingly cartoonish song that’s literally about what dogs are thinking, but his explanation of it not only puts the album in perspective, but the world too.

“It starts off as this sort of familiar dystopian political whatever situation and then it takes a turn and it asks ‘Okay. Yeah, but what do the dogs think about it?’ Obviously, they have a completely different view and I use that as a way of saying, ‘That’s exactly how limited our point of view is.’ If we think a dog’s point of view is limited…well, so is ours. We think we’re the bee’s knees, but we’re just like dogs in a way.”

David Byrne Interview

David Byrne for AP by Drew Gurian

This is something he plays with throughout the album, urging us to remember that we, as humans, are not the center of the universe, to think about the other things we share the world with.

“There’s chickens and donkeys and cockroaches, fleas, dogs…No cats. Leave the cats for the internet.”

In “American Utopia,” Byrne considers all of these perspectives trying to figure out: Is there a better way?

I wonder if he’s also looking for a new way to express himself. Byrne has done just about everything there is to do creatively. It’s a shot in the dark, but I asked him if he would ever take the final frontier into politics.

Sarcastically, he answers, “Yes, I’m gonna join Elon Musk on Mars. [laughs]”

Then, more thoughtfully, he says, “It’s very flattering to have it be suggested, but I think that’s really a specific skill. Imagining that you could do it creatively might be fooling yourself.”

As if feeling the full weight of the possibility, he says, “It’s kind of a swamp and you can really get your feet stuck in there. I don’t know…”

For Byrne, it seems like the answer is a wearied no. But, he isn’t quite pessimistic.

“I will say that I’ve noticed a lot of people all over the country—non-politicians—deciding to get involved in politics, a lot of women especially, deciding, ‘Hey I can do this as good as they can!’ They’re fed up with the so-called ‘political professionals.’ They feel like, ‘No, come on…You completely botched this up. I can’t do any worse than what you’ve done.’”

Though solutions may not be on the horizon yet, he says it’s inspiring to see so many people making noise—just as Byrne does with his constant questioning and searching in his music.

“American Utopia” makes you consider and reconsider these new possibilities, perhaps find some answers, but more importantly, find hope in curiosity.


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