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Listen to a classic episode of 414 Music with Made of Oak

Made Of Oak

Before there was Sylvan Esso, there was Made of Oak - Nick Sanborn's producer alias.  While Sanborn was living in Milwaukee and playing in bands like Decibully, he also produced beautiful music under the moniker Made of Oak.

Tonight (4/8/16), Sanborn returns to Milwaukee for a show at Cactus Club in support of his new EP Penumbra. In honor of the show, we decided to share with you his 2011 performance on 414 Music.  If you listen closely, you will hear a track that sounds very familiar. The track would later become the huge tune "Coffee" from Sylvan Esso.

Listen to the session below.
You can hear the tune that would later become Sylvan Esso's "Coffee" at the 11:20 mark.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee