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Hear Surgeons in Heat bring the smoothness on 414 Live

Surgeons in Heat on 414 Live
Radio Milwaukee
Surgeons in Heat on 414 Live

Thursday on 414 Live, we were excited to welcome back Milwaukee’s Surgeons in Heat and their glass-smooth, R&B-inspired spin on timeless pop-rock.

Listen to their session and our interview below.


The band released their most recent LP, “ Bored Immortals,” last summer. During our interview, frontman Johnathon Mayer discussed that album and what keeps him returning to Surgeons in Heat despite the lineup changes that have always trailed the band.

“It’s always been an outlet for songs that I’m writing,” Mayer explained of the group. “The cast changes with life, basically. People leave the band when they have other stuff going on.”

414 Live is presented by  Miller Brewing Company and the  Milwaukee Bucks with support from  Weeds in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.