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Klassik actively seeks change through his new music on 414 Live

Klassik is a prolific artist who combines his skills in jazz, hip hop, soul and storytelling through his music.

We covered a plethora of topics including his time studying with Milwaukee jazz legend, Berkeley Fudge, that shaped his sound, the Backline program and we also discuss the new upcoming record, "QUIET" out on November 22.

The new, anticipated record was created carefully and consciously over the course of the last few years. Klassik admits he went through a lot of personal growth in this process.

The album "QUIET" is about "discovering peace both inner and outer and it's about recognizing, acknowledging, and learning how to maneuver in a world full of noise to keep your own peace," Klassik explains.

Through this recording process and through his performance it is clear Klassik knows who he is and delivers everything he does with purpose and confidence.

"People have short attention spans but I refuse to give you short attention span music."

We were fortunate to get to hear exclusive new music off "QUIET" in Klassik's 414 Live performance.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

You can find Klassik on your social fancies below: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter