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Funk Summit Bass Team make different look good on 414 Live

This week on 414 Live, we were graced with an eclectic, 11-piece glam funk outfit --- Funk Summit Bass Team, who asked us to climb to the top of their "funk peak" and we did.

We chatted about their upcoming debut album, what it means to be the antithesis of normal, and the essence of glam. The band stress "we believe in challenging our 'normativity'," which comes off in their live performance. Almost all in a line on stage, it's clear this is a family and describe themselves as a "big ole group of misfits who really enjoy making music." They pride themselves in all things weird and all things fun.

The group offer some wholesome advice to local artists coming up in the scene to "just listen to your heart" and "say yes to everything and be kind."

We were lucky to get an exclusive performance with the band in their unique, amazing style. Robbie in particular was loaned a royal outfit from a local Milwaukee area theater production and the band honored us with an extremely fun anthem about pizza called "Pizza Party on the Dance Floor."

You can stream their interview and their performance below.

Listen to "414 Live with 'Funk Summit Bass Team'" on Spreaker.

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