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The Lemonheads take on Misfits' 'Skulls'



Am I getting into punk music? I don't know, man.

Do I just want an excuse to wear more black? Possibly.

Regardless, though, last week I stepped out of my normal "acoustic-raspy-girl-singing-about-politics" genre and bought my first Misfits album ("Walk Among You" live at Michigan Union Ballroom).

And, hey, it's growing on me.

So today's 5 O'Clock Shadow is in honor of stepping out of musical comfort zones. The Lemonheads take on Misfits "Skulls" in this mellow, acoustic cover with a dark side.

Check it out:

The original: Misfits, "Skulls"

The cover: The Lemonheads, "Skulls"

The cover: The Lemonheads, "Skulls"