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Happy Birthday, Muddy Waters

While the actual birth year has been moved around -- some say 1913, others 1915 -- there is no dispute McKinley Morganfield was born April 4.

You know him better as Muddy Waters.

His influence on not just blues, but R&B, jazz, rock and even country was immeasurable.

It's not hyperbole to say he was one of the most important figures in popular music in the 20th Century. Among the many bands who fell under his spell were The Rolling Stones, who covered his song "I Want To Be Loved" early in their career.

While the Stones were covering his 1955 version, Muddy re-recorded a bunch of his older material with Johnny Winter for his Blue Sky label in the mid 1970s. We'll actually hear the Stones 1963 version first, then Muddy's 1977 version of "I Want To Be Loved."

Happy birthday, Muddy Waters!

The Rolling Stones 1963 version:

Muddy's 1977 version:

And as a bonus, Muddy's 1955 version: