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Kyle Craft checks into Leonard Cohen's 'Chelsea Hotel #2'

Every weekday at five we play two versions of a song: one original, one cover.

Check out what we've got cued up for today's Five O'Clock Shadow: 
For today's shadow we're checking into the Chelsea Hotel and hanging out with two guys that, from the surface, come across as complete opposites: the late, wise Leonard Cohen, and Sub Pop's heartthrob up-and-comer from New Orleans, Kyle Craft.

Now there's no debating the fact that the two have pretty opposite vocal styles; Cohen with his low bass voice and Craft, with his powerful upper range, but without question, with a slow and emotional power ballad, Craft knocks this one out of the park.

Check out the original, as well as the cover below and let us know what you think of Craft's take on the Cohen classic on our Facebook:

Leonard Cohen, Chelsea Hotel #2:

Kyle Craft, Chelsea Hotel #2