Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!

Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!

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Depeche Mode lead singer turns 54 today and a special family/band from Bogota covers them.

I’ve celebrated all three of the remaining Depeche Mode founders (Gahan, Gore, Fletcher) on the 5 O’Clock Shadow before. Today’s Shadow will be a bit different. There’s a band (a family, actually) called DMK, which stands for Dicken, Milah & Korbin Scrader, the father, young daughter and son who make up the family/group. DMK stands for ‘Depeche Mode Kids’. They make videos of them selves covering Depeche Mode songs using household items as well as traditional instruments. As you might imagine, it’s adorable and the videos have gone viral. This, of course, works better with video but, I think, the novelty and accuracy of the covers allows them to stand on their own sonically.

Here’s the Depeche Mode original.

And, with over 3 Million views, the DMK cover.