Happy Birthday to the Belfast Cowboy!

Happy Birthday to the Belfast Cowboy!

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vanmorrisonKen Sumka | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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Van Morrison turns 71 today. We get a great cover of 'Sweet Thing' from fellow countryman, Hozier.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge Hozier fan, don’t dislike him, just don’t seek out his music. Plenty of other people like him, though. Today, I got a different perspective, I heard a cover of Van Morrison’s ‘Sweet Thing’ that changed my mind. Hozier was born to cover Van Morrison, his voice is like a young Van’s and I seriously think Hozier should do a Van Morrison covers album, for reals. Listen for yourself. And Happy Birthday, Van, you curmudgeon you.


The original ‘Sweet Thing’, by Van Morrison

And, Hozier’s cover.

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