88 Seconds with Courtney Barnett

88 Seconds with Courtney Barnett

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Every week, 88Nine talks to someone in the music scene about — well, anything — for a little less than a minute and a half. Even I don’t know what they’ll talk about. They pick from a handlful of sealed envelopes and have to answer the questions inside. We have categories of questions for musicians, producers, journalists, DJ’s, promoters and fans.

They can talk as long as they’d like.We edit to make sure it’s 88 seconds long. From “strangest gig ever” to “what was your first concert?” or “favorite condiment,” get a peek into the lives of the people who make, produce, promote and broadcast the great music you hear in Milwaukee. 

We caught up with Courtney Barnett at Pitchfork this year:


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