7 0 clock Sample

7 0 clock Sample

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Today’s Seven-o-clock sample was a suggestion of our very our Peter Adams….

Thanks Pete!

This track first hit my ears while skateboarding the mean street of Kenosha as a kid… This was a time when Hip Hop was not taking up very much of my music collection. I was uninspired and generally turned off to the Bone-Thug’s Master P rap that was so dominate at that time. My skater buddies all were into the Beastie Boys and I too was feeling the funk.


Later as an adult, I developed a DEEP love for jazz. I stumbled across this sample while living with the fellas in the Rusty Ps. We would all get together after work everyday and make music. When I first heard this sample I shouted… ” THAT’S GENIUS!”

(this vid’s got some extra flavor from the one and only Cut Chemist ) ENJOY!!!


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