808s and Nina Simone BREAKS!

808s and Nina Simone BREAKS!

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Today’s 7 o clock sample is from one of my least favorite albums of 2008. LOL!

Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreaks didn’t do much for me. Sarah F and I had numerous conversations about this album. It wasn’t that the album was bad, it just wasn’t my flavor. Anyways, as usual Kanye sampled some real magic on this project. Check out “Bad News”


The use of the TR-808 drum machine is evident, as well as some juicy synths; but where is that drum loop from?!?

Well it’s a little touch of soul, from Ms. Nina Simone. The the track from her 2nd LP Broadway-Blues-Ballads it’s the intro for ” See Line Woman” & it’s your 7 o clock sample!

Check out some of these remixes….



And here is an awesome version by Feist!


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