Amen Brother, AMEN!

Amen Brother, AMEN!

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This week were are talking about SUPER BREAKS!  Those drum loops that have been sampled time and time again by so many acts, the breaks themselves dissolve off into musical obscurity.

Today we again look at the "Amen Break" I posted a great story about this break back in June of 2009. The WINSTONS released a Grammy award winning single in 1969 entitled "Color Him Father". The song was one of the top 100 R&B cuts in the that year, but the B Side to that 45 would go on to change the sound of Hip Hop and eventually create an entire genre of electronic music. Drum and Bass aka Jungle was pretty much entirely founded on this drum break.  



This break was adopted by Hip Hop acts like 2 Live Crew, NWA, Salt N Pepa and Mantronix in the late 80s.



With the 90s, came a new sound in electronic music that adopted the AMEN Break as it's own; Drum & Bass.  Drum & Bass took the UK, and eventually the world, by storm in the 1990s.  Acts like Formula 7, Goldie and Dillinja turned this break on it's head…

Here is my personal favorite Jungle act; LTJ Bukem with Atlantis.


88Nine Radio Milwaukee