Deee-Lite-ful Samples

Deee-Lite-ful Samples

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This week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are exploring tracks from Deee-Lite.  In the early 90s, few groups mixed the worlds of house, hip hop and dance pop like Deee-Lite.

Groove Is In The Heart, was the biggest hit for the group, but they have so many other great jams, I thought we'd look at some forgotten hits.

On Monday, we played the track "Who Was That" from the album



This song samples an early 80s disco jam called "The Bubble Bunch", by Jimmy Spicer.



Today, we looked at Deee-Lite's last album DEWDROPS IN THE GARDEN.  This project contains a crate full of great samples, including Earth Wind & Fire's "Evil"




Which was sampled on the Deee-Lite track "Say Ahh…"


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