Don’t Sleep On | Secondhand Sureshots: Putting New Life in Old Vinyl

Don’t Sleep On | Secondhand Sureshots: Putting New Life in Old Vinyl

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There is something really special about going to a thrift store, or used record store and finding something really special that you would never think you would buy. The art of crate digging is skill that requires a whole lot of patience and love for music. This skill is a very important skill to have if you want to be a good DJ and/or producer. Just like a graphic designes uses art and other designs as inspiration for their work, a DJ uses older music for inspiration for their work. It is very hard to show you the importance of crate digging until now. The cats over at Dublab put together this amazing short documentary called “Seconhand Sureshots”.

The premise is simple. The director asked three producers – Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G to go to a thrift store with only five dollars and purchase five used records (a $1 a record). Then once they have selected the vinyl, come back to their respective studio and construct new song out of the records they selected. The film shows the creative process of each producer from the initial selection of the records to the production process. Once the tracks were done, the directors asked the producer to meet up and present they creations to each other. Then their creations was pressed on to three dubplates. Plus some amazing artwork was created to go along with the dubplates. The directors asked the producers to take these dubplate back to the respective thrift stores where they originally purchase the five records, and place the dubplates back in the bin.

The folks at Dublab and Stones Throw have decided to release the film and the music that was created on vinyl, dvd, and cd. They have created limited edition Dexluxe set. The packaging was created similar to the way the music was created:

Secondhand Sureshot

The Deluxe Super Set is a true sound and vision experiment. Dublab scoured Southern California and rescued 500 gatefold LP covers from dusty thrift store bin obscurity. Our graphic friends at Hit+Run took the covers and screen-printed them by hand, making new visual masterpieces to house the first public release of Secondhand Sureshots. Stuffed in this package is all-exclusive material sampled and shredded into new forms fine-tuned to blow your mind. We hope it inspires you to make your own creative gems and jams!

The deluxe package will be available on March 9th, 2010. Check out a bonus mp3 from J Rocc

J Rocc – Seconhand Sureshots

Here is the trailer for the mini-documentary


You can also watch the documentary in its entirety for a limited time via Pitchfork TV

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