In the 88Nine studio with King Washington

In the 88Nine studio with King Washington

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King Washington is one of those bands that will restore your faith in the authenticity today’s music. After experiencing their live set in the 88Nine studio Tuesday afternoon, it was clear that this Los-Angeles based quartet believes in making music the old-fashioned way. Drenched in complex harmonies and structured with intelligent chord progressions, King Washington’s sound gives new life to longstanding musical practices. The group indicated that they draw inspiration from the years where vocal artistry and exquisite songwriting were the bread and butter of the music world, naming Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles among their influences. During their live show, the band performed with the energy of a rock-and-roll headliner, exemplified by their opening song, “Animal,” which featured speaker-blowing three-part harmonies in the chorus. The following number, “Highway Nine,” is a gorgeously restrained ballad that showcased lyricism and attention to detail. To sum it up, King Washington is a band you need to keep on your radar, because they're definitely going places.

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