Jock Jams Deconstructed

Jock Jams Deconstructed

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This week on the Seven o'Clock Sample, Dori had a great suggestion.  We went back through the ESPN Jock Jams compilations, and looked for samples that were used in these songs.  The Jock Jams compilations were released from 1995-1999 by Tommy Boy Records.  

On Tuesday we pulled a song from Jock Jams Volume One.  Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two".

This track sampled Lyn Collin's "Think (About It)"


On Wednesday we picked up Volume Two, and played The Bucketheads track "The Bomb".

The Bucketheads sampled Chicago's song "Street Player" to create that one.


On Thursday, we kicked it up a notch with House Of Pain's stadium classic "Jump Around".

If you've ever been to a Wisconsin Badger's game, you know what this song is all about, but you may not know it's intro's sample source… "The Harlem Shuffle" by Bob & Earl.


We wrapped up our Jock Jams sample exploration with Will Smith's 1997 mega hit "Gettin Jiggy With It".

The main melody for this song, comes from the Sister Sledge track "He's The Greatest Dancer".





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