K-Os hears those Footsteps In The Dark

K-Os hears those Footsteps In The Dark

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Many, many, many artists have sampled The Islet Brothers. So when I decided to pick my favorite Isley Brothers samples for this week’d seven o clock sample segment, this song was a no-brainer!


“Footsteps in the Dark” was released in 1977 by The Isley Brothers as an album track featured on the group’s double-platinum album, Go For Your Guns. While it may have not achieved the Billboard success many of their other hits have, it have become a Hip Hop staple since 1993, when Ice Cube sampled this track for “Today Was A Good Day”


Cube is not the only Hip Hop artists to sample this R&B classic, check out this list of others who have jumped on this track…


J Dilla “Won’t Do”


Slum Villiage “Call Me”

and of course, this morning’s sample example…


K-Os ” Heaven Only Knows REMIX”

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