Take the 88Nine Personality Test!

Take the 88Nine Personality Test!

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88Nine is covering Lollapalooza! This year we are getting personal. The 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality Test (patent pending) will lend you insight into your favorite artists at Lollapalooza. The questions on the quiz revolve around general themes of taste, personality, and ideology. But before the bands take the quiz, you can take it! Take the quiz now and see how you match up to your favorite bands, or maybe see that you are a match made in heaven with a band you didn’t even know existed.

The Test

Beatles or Stones

Country or City

Mad Men or Breaking Bad

Fame or Fortune

Budweiser or Pabst

Steak or Sushi

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain

Lover or Fighter

Buy an album or Burn an album

Good or Evil

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest

Amy Poehler or Tina Fey

Pepsi or Coke

Introvert or Extrovert

Mac or PC

Heartbreaker or Heartbroken

Sweet or Salty


Congrats! You finished! A+ you have a great personality. See how you compared to the 88Nine crew at Lollapalooza this year.

Stephen Kallao

Beatles or Stones——————————————————————-Beatles

Country or City———————————————————————-City

Mad Men or Breaking Bad————————————————Breaking Bad

Fame or Fortune——————————————————————-Fortune

Budweiser or Pabst—————————————————————–Pabst

Steak or Sushi————————————————————————Steak

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain————————-Andrew Zimmern

Lover or Fighter———————————————————————Lover

Buy an album or Burn an album————————————————Buy it

Good or Evil—————————————————————————Evil

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest———-A Tribe Called Quest

Amy Poehler or Tina Fey——————————————————-Tina Fey

Pepsi or Coke————————————————————————–Coke

Introvert or Extrovert———————————————————-Extrovert

Mac or PC——————————————————————————Mac

Heartbreaker or Heartbroken——————————————–Heartbreaker

Sweet or Salty ———————————————————————-Sweet

Justin Barney    (Intern, writer of this article)

Beatles or Stones——————————————————————-Stones

Country or City————————————————————————City

Mad Men or Breaking Bad—————————————————-Mad Men

Fame or Fortune——————————————————————–Fame

Budweiser or Pabst—————————————————————-Pabst

Steak or Sushi———————————————————————-Sushi

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain————————-Anthony Bourdain

Lover or Fighter———————————————————————Lover

Buy an album or Burn an album————————————————-Buy it

Good or Evil————————————————————————–Good

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest—–The Velvet Underground

Amy Poehler or Tina Fey——————————————————–Tina Fey

Pepsi or Coke————————————————————————-Pepsi

Introvert or Extrovert————————————————————-Introvert

Mac or PC——————————————————————————Mac

Heartbreaker or Heartbroken———————————————–Heartbroken

Sweet or Salty ———————————————————————–Salty

Josh Witmer        (Intern)

Beatles or Stones————————————————————— Beatles

Country or City—————————————————————- City

Mad Men or Breaking Bad————————————————- Mad Men

Fame or Fortune————————————————————— Fame

Budweiser or Pabst———————————————————– Bud, the King of Beers

Steak or Sushi—————————————————————— Steak

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain——————————— Anthony Bourdain

Lover or Fighter————————————————————— Lover

Buy an album or Burn an album——————————– Buy, unless it’s at the radio station

Good or Evil——————————————————————- Good

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest——————– A Tribe Called Quest

Amy Poehler or Tina Fey————————————————— Amy Poehler

Pepsi or Coke—————————————————————– Coke

Introvert or Extrovert——————————————————– Introvert

Mac or PC——————————————————————— PC

Heartbreaker or Heartbroken———————————————– Heartbroken

Sweet or Salty—————————————————————– Sweet

Alison Henderson (Intern)

Beatles or Stones—————————————————————Stones

Country or City—————————————————————–City

Mad Men or Breaking Bad—————————————————Breaking Bad!

Fame or Fortune—————————————————————-Fame

Budweiser or Pabst————————————————————-Pabst

Steak or Sushi——————————————————————-Sushi

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain————————————Anthony Bourdain

Lover or Fighter———————————————————————–Lover

Buy an album or Burn an album——————————————————Buy

Good or Evil—————————————————————————–Evil

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest—————————Tribe Called Quest

Amy Poehler or Tina Fey———–Amy, though I'm convinced I'll grow up to be exactly like Liz Lemon

Pepsi or Coke——————————————————————–Coke

Introvert or Extrovert——————————————————–Introvert

Mac or PC———————————————————————–Mac

Heartbreaker or Heartbroken————————————————–Heartbreaker

Sweet or Salty——————————————————————Salty

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