That good Gris-Gris

That good Gris-Gris

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What is Gris-Gris and why does it make my music sound so funky?

( I just thought that'd be a funny way to start a blog post! )

Dr. John is in Milwaukee tonight.  He'll be sure to bring plenty of voodoo infused nah-Orleans funk.  Dr. John's music has been influencing artists for generations, and his work has been sampled by a few of these acts.

Okay, so back to my original question… What is Gris-Gris anyway? Gris-Gris usually describes a small cloth bag worn on the person. Inside is placed a mixture of herbs, oils, stones, bones, hair, nails, grave dirt, or other personal items to ward off evil.  It also brings good luck and positive vibes.  So I find it fitting that Dr. John's 1968 album GRIS-GRIS contains a lot of good samples.  

Including this track…



Danse Fambeaux by Dr. John.


This song is begging to be sampled.  Madlib and Dudley Perkins agreed, and on his 2003 Stones Throw release A Lil' Light, Dudely's track JUST THINK took this groove to new heights.

Here is an instrumental version of his track set to some great visuals by director Gerry Johnson.


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