The Diabolical Bill Withers

The Diabolical Bill Withers

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We have had a lot of fun this week on the Seven o'Clock Sample.  It's been a celebration of the music of Bill Withers.  In 1977, Bill released Menagerie on Columbia records.  The album peaked at #16 on the R&B chart and #39 on the Billboard 200. It was Withers' biggest-selling album in the UK, where it reached #27.   The first track on the album, "Lovely Day", is one of Bill's signature hits.

(sorry for the bad video, but this song is not anywhere else on youtube…)

This track has been sampled by several hip hop acts, from Jazzy Jeff to Swizz Beatz.  But today, we listened to Biz Markie's 2003 track "Friends".


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