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Jordan here!

Today I was pleased to check into one of my favorite music sites on the web… RCRDLBL.COM and I discovered that two of my personal favorite artists were available for download…TOGETHER!

Chali 2na has been in heavy rotation for me since 1998. I discovered J-5 and Ozomatli in my senior year, and I never stopped being a fan!

About 2 years ago, I began to pick up on the Dub Step scene. My good buddy Kruser gets a of of the credit, but Marcus and Kid Cut Up get a lot of props too. This new style “flipped my wig”. It was the perfect marriage of Hip Hop, Brum and Bass and Electronic styles I loved. My favorite sound designer in the Dub Step, the funky Mr. RUSKO.

Today I discovered this track, and I had to share with all of you!!!!

CHALI 2NA – “Gadget Go Go” ( produced by Rusko )

Download from RCRDLBL here….

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