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Phantogram are grateful for each other (and also the dogs they found on the road)

It's fortunate that Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are best friends, because as the vocalists and multi-instrumentalists behind Phantogram, they spend a lot of time together.

In this installment of Radio Milwaukee's new video series Yours Truly, the two bandmates discuss the things they're most grateful for -- including their tiny dogs Leroy and Carl, both of whom they rescued from the side of the road.

They also poke holes in their own self-serious image, explaining that despite their black jackets and sunglasses, they have a lighthearted view of the world. "I don't think a lot of people understand our brand of humor," Carter says.

They also reflect on the many smells of their childhoods, from dryer sheets to cornfields to McDonald's bags and cow manure.

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