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Jean Dawson: Genius. Humble. Human.

Nico Hernandez

Wow, wow, wow! When I heard that I was getting the chance to interview Jean Dawson, I was genuinely nervous. It was merely a coincidence his new project CHAOS NOW* happens to be in my top 10 albums (easy) of 2022. To say that I was excited about this would be an understatement.

To get ready, I couldn't help but rack my brain and came up with roughly a million questions, like, "How did life growing up between Mexico and San Diego inform your music?" "What is your musical process like?" "Where did you draw inspiration for the amazing and eclectic visuals in 'PIRATE RADIO*?'" etc., etc.

Being over- rather than underprepared is good, but holding on to too much can also cloud your judgment and take the human element of conversation down a notch. So I took a step back and let the moment guide me.

Below, you'll find my brief but informative talk with this tremendous talent. Where did the conversation lead us? Well, I hope you'll listen and enjoy it.
Interview with Jean Dawson

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