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As Gotopo moves through the world, she shares her positivity with it

During my engaging conversation with the exceptionally talented musician Gotopo, we embarked on an enthralling journey through her life, stretching from the vibrant streets of Venezuela to the artistic hub of Berlin. We delved into her latest EP, Sacúdete (find it here on Bandcamp), and explored the intricacies of her award-winning documentary short, The Sound of My Destiny.

Amid our dialogue, we couldn't help but immerse ourselves in the enchanting rhythms of one of her most beloved tracks, "Cucu," which had us dancing nonstop this summer.

Gotopo's artistic brilliance radiates brilliantly through Sacúdete, which weaves six tracks to create a tapestry of genres, fusing indigenous rhythms, electronic beats and soulful melodies. "Cucu" in particular emerges as a mesmerizingly uptempo anthem that not only entices listeners to dance and let loose, but also fosters a profound sense of respect for our bodies. It's a testament to Gotopo's songwriting prowess, unique vocal stylings and fearless exploration of diverse soundscapes.

You can listen to our conversation using the player at the top of the page and check out her short film below.

88Nine Asst. Program Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee