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The Black Keys on their new album, 'Ohio Players'

Larry Niehues
Courtesy of the artist

After a five-year hiatus, The Black Keys have been on a tear. They've released four albums in under half a decade. Their latest, Ohio Players, is a blast.

Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach say they wanted to recreate the energy of their early records. They also found inspiration in the music they'd spin at their DJ gigs. "Actually seeing how these different songs go over in front of an audience, it was really good information for us while we were making the record. It really played a big part in it," Auerbach says.

They also took a more collaborative approach — writing a songs with Oasis's Noel Gallagher and Beck, who brought them out on tour over two decades ago.

Set list

  • "Beautiful People (Stay High)"
  • "This Is Nowhere"
  • "On The Game"

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