Twan Mack educates and entertains us on 414 Live

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Twan Mack seeks to educate and entertain simultaneously through his work and that’s what he did with his performance on 414 Live. We got him in the studio just after his release of “Main Concern” and on the day of his premiere and collaboration with Solana called “Rewind.”

We discussed these new releases as well as Mack’s prolific background in beatboxing, collaborating, and creating a scene around himself. You’ll hear many different notable names of artists he’s worked with including Chuck Chillout, IshDARR, Speech from Arrested Development and the list goes on because he has a very open door policy on working with other people in that “if you’re dope and you think I’m dope we can work together.”

Twan Mack has an incredible background and real knowledge about the scene here in Milwaukee and lends some smart lines of advice warning “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” but most importantly he suggests to “educate yourself” and encourage the scene to support each other, here in the city.

We had a packed house with Twan Mack for one of his last performances of the year as he prepares to head to Europe next year to open for Arrested Development.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

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Funk Summit Bass Team make different look good on 414 Live

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This week on 414 Live, we were graced with an eclectic, 11-piece glam funk outfit — Funk Summit Bass Team, who asked us to climb to the top of their “funk peak” and we did.

We chatted about their upcoming debut album, what it means to be the antithesis of normal, and the essence of glam. The band stress “we believe in challenging our ‘normativity’,” which comes off in their live performance. Almost all in a line on stage, it’s clear this is a family and describe themselves as a “big ole group of misfits who really enjoy making music.” They pride themselves in all things weird and all things fun.

The group offer some wholesome advice to local artists coming up in the scene to “just listen to your heart” and “say yes to everything and be kind.”

We were lucky to get an exclusive performance with the band in their unique, amazing style. Robbie in particular was loaned a royal outfit from a local Milwaukee area theater production and the band honored us with an extremely fun anthem about pizza called “Pizza Party on the Dance Floor.”

You can stream their interview and their performance below.

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Funk Summit Bass
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Klassik actively seeks change through his new music on 414 Live

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Klassik is a prolific artist who combines his skills in jazz, hip hop, soul and storytelling through his music.

We covered a plethora of topics including his time studying with Milwaukee jazz legend, Berkeley Fudge, that shaped his sound, the Backline program and we also discuss the new upcoming record, “QUIET” out on November 22.

The new, anticipated record was created carefully and consciously over the course of the last few years. Klassik admits he went through a lot of personal growth in this process.

The album “QUIET” is about “discovering peace both inner and outer and it’s about recognizing, acknowledging, and learning how to maneuver in a world full of noise to keep your own peace,” Klassik explains.

Klassik performs at Radio Milwaukee studios for 414 Live. Photo credit: PWR FWD Media.

Through this recording process and through his performance it is clear Klassik knows who he is and delivers everything he does with purpose and confidence.

“People have short attention spans but I refuse to give you short attention span music.”

We were fortunate to get to hear exclusive new music off “QUIET” in Klassik’s 414 Live performance.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

You can find Klassik on your social fancies below: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

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The Golden Grenades give an explosive performance at 414 Live

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For a rare Halloween performance last week on 414 Live, we welcome the young rock group The Golden Grenades. These Grace Weber Music Lab alums recently dropped their debut LP, “Far Too Gone,” and we got to discuss the group’s beginnings and the making of this new record.

The group formed when Josh and Owen, met playing in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra steel drum band and then after scouring the city, they found Maya and Terronn, thus forming the official lineup for The Golden Grenades. The group have been together for about a year, already performing large stages like Summerfest and Chill on the Hill. On top of this, the group even released a full-length album and there is more ahead. “Basically, all of our future EPs and albums are pretty much telling a story,” they said, including the current release which covers “climate change, political stuff” and more. The LP was recorded at Hifi Studios in Riverwest.

Although new to the scene, the group has had a surge of success and shares their advice to “just play everywhere, you never know who’s going to be at one place.”

This performance was extra special because the group not only dressed up for the occasion; they also made a spooky new song just for this performance.

You can stream their interview and performance below.

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Fox and Branch tackle monsters and music on 414 Live

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We had something a little different this week, bringing in the long-time musicians Dave Fox and Will Branch to showcase their musical and theatrical talents on 414 Live for a very special kids show. Fox and Branch have been making music since the ’90s, drawing their material from American roots and world traditions and sharing their music with kids and grownups alike.

We chatted about the pair’s journey from finding each other through musicians in the scene such as Lil Rev and evolving their act into doing kids performances. They also spoke of their travels around Canada, the UK and Ireland whilst dabbling in other styles of music. They have played music everywhere “on a boat, in the street, at a supermarket…” and they say their key to their longstanding success as community musicians is to “be flexible, try new things…and show up on time.”

We had a performance where the pair pulled out all of the instruments from guitar to washboard. This is a performance you can interact with your kids, from hunting monsters to learning the waltz.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

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Joe Quinto spreads his positive message on 414 Live

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Joe Quinto’s goal is to spread love, acceptance and positivity through your speakers and he did this in his performance on 414 Live. We were able to get him in the studio after his Milwaukee summer premiere of “Let it Go” and his new music video release of “Run Away,” off his latest two-song EP “Solturo. “

We talk about Quinto’s debut EP “Cinemasonic,” his start and collaborations in the Milwaukee music scene with artists like Genesis Renji, Shle Berry and Jayne Joyce as well as some well founded advice. “We all kind of got to band together because Milwaukee’s got a lot of talent and it’s not necessarily looked at as a hub for music like some other cities but I really think it should be,” he said.

Joe Quinto on 414 Live

We were fortunate enough to get to hear two exclusive tracks that aren’t recorded yet, from one of their first ever written tracks “Girl I Never Met” to a fresh track with the working title of “Souls” that gave us some critical verses. With songs such as these, we know this is just the jumping point for Joe Quinto.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

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Negative/Positive reflect on their journey on 414 Live

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This week on 414 Live, we were excited to welcome Girls Rock Milwaukee alums Negative/Positive, who just shared their new single “Space Smells Like Lilacs.”

Although still young, Negative/Positive have been veterans in the local scene, playing music from ages 8 and 9 and now continuing to rock on in their teenage years.

We talked about the origins of the band’s unusual name and the group’s transition from being “that one band with the little kids” to just being “that one band.” In addition to talking about their upcoming music video for Space Smells Like Lilacs” and learning not to goof around in band practice,
the trio also shares some advice for young musicians, and discusses their own growth as musicians. “Just play music as much as you can,” they insist. “If you’re doing music all the time you will get better.”

We were lucky to get an exclusive performance with the group including a solidly crooned riot grrrl rendition of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” that screams confidence and that these young women are here to stay for a long career ahead.

Negative/Positive on 414 Live

You can stream their interview and their performance below.

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Dramatic Lovers swing by for a passionate 414 Live performance

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This week on 414 Live, we were honored to welcome back Milwaukee indie-rock royalty Dramatic Lovers. We’ve had the group’s new album “You Talk Loud” on regular rotation here at the station, and it was a treat hearing them share some songs from that record, as well as a ripping new track called “Buried.”

You can stream their performance and our interview with the band below.

Dramatic Lovers on 414 Live
See more photos from Dramatic Lovers’ performance on Flickr
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Kendra Amalie conjures dreamy psychedelia on 414 Live

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This week on 414 Live, we were thrilled to welcome station favorite Kendra Amalie for a particularly special show. The performance doubled as her Milwaukee release show for her new record “Intuition,” a heady, deeply moving psychedelia album that often seems to be broadcasting between worlds. She creates paintings through sound.

Amalie chats with Jordan Lee about her long journey to Milwaukee and the unique, textural quality of her music. Below you can stream the interview and the performance, where she’s joined by a band that includes Radio Milwaukee’s own Amelinda Burich.

Kendra Amalie

Artist bio

A sweeping introduction to an artist deep into their practice, Kendra Amalie’s Intuition is a star map to a new and developing sound space. An exploratory and (sometimes) shredding finger-style 12-string guitarist (both acoustic and electric), band leader, synthesist, new media creator, and experimental producer, the Wisconsin-based musician is also a songwriter occupying an ethereal zone between galaxy-brain cosmic transmissions and deep, personal expression.

There’s a concept and narrative arc to Intuition, too, the action moving from underwater locales to boat to city to global consciousness to farmland to the etheric plane and back to water. But the movements are equally a guide through the world(s) of Kendra Amalie and a culmination/transition/next step following a decade-and-change of cassettes and ambitious projects including Names Divine, 11:11, and a range of directions in collaborative improvised music and solo sound work. Shifting her music-making energies over the past several years, Intuition is the sound of a powerful new voice in focus.

The opener (and first single) “Breathe Underwater” is both an invocation and a headbanger, and–like every track on Intuition–almost nothing like any other track. Both rigorous and open-formed, Intuition contains multitudes, from the hypno-noise/freak-out/grace of “Become the Light” to the 12-string meditation “Improvisation For Mark Hollis,” from the psychedelic realizations of “Facets of a Holy Diamond” to the pedal steel-touched “Stay Low.”

Recorded with friends in her shed in Saint Francis, Intuition’s band included a core rhythm section of drummer Victoria Robison and bassist Sam Cook, with remote support from Taralie Peterson (cello), Al Moss (pedal steel), Peter McLaughlin (drums) and Jayve Montgomery (oboe), alongside the mixing effort of long-time collaborator Brian J. Sulpizio in Chicago. The live iteration of the album is more shape-shifting, encompassing solo performances accompanied by motion-controlled synths as well as more fully supported by a corporeal rock band. Intuition is a sound-based cross-section of a larger body of work. An arrival and a destination, Intuition is also surely a stopover, too. Meet Kendra Amalie.

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Hear Dashcam shower 414 Live in shimmering synthesizers

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This week on 414 Live, we were excited to welcome Milwaukee producer Dashcam, who graced us with his dreamy, summery synth-pop.

He also joined host Jordan Lee for an interview where he described the collaborative nature of his project and how it came about. “Five years ago I was looking for a way to work with other local artists, and also because of the internet I was able to work with a bunch of international artists,” he explained. “It started as just this idea of what if I could get online and meet people making similar music and work together with them, and it’s just taken off from there.”

414 Live: Dash Cam
Dashcam on 414 Live

You can stream the performance and the interview below.

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