Introducing the 414 Live Variety Hour

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Introducing for the first time ever the 414 Live Variety Hour. This week we aired our pilot episode of our new late night TV show with a fresh way to showcase the talents that Milwaukee has to offer. Not only do we present never-before-seen performances but we also get to know the artists and personalities in our city on a deeper level through their hidden talents, conversations about music, the city, vulnerabilities and social change.

We wanted to create something that brought us closer to our community, opening up the conversation not exclusively to music, but also to the people themselves. Throughout the Variety Hour you’ll get interviews, performances, how-tos, comedy and surprises that I don’t want to spoil if you haven’t seen the episode. You will also get teasers and trailers of projects that are a part of Radio Milwaukee.

In our pilot episode we share experiences with several artists throughout the city including Orlando Peña, Lex Allen, LUXI and Immortal Girlfriend. We hear stories of social change on the streets of Milwaukee, coping and creating (or not creating) in quarantine, meet surprise guests, shed tears and share laughs.

If you missed the episode, you can watch it in full below or tune in every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. to hear interviews and performances from the 414 Live Variety Hour throughout July.

Radio Milwaukee is on a mission, and if you came here in search of new perspectives on music or Milwaukee then you’re on a mission, too! Join today and you make it possible for us to keep discovering and learning together.

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Hear Brett Newski preview some new songs, sans audience, on 414 Live

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Last week on 414 Live we had a very unique performance by Milwaukee’s hometown hero, Brett Newski. Amid the news of COVID-19, Radio Milwaukee had decided to close its doors to the public to protect our listeners and the community, and later in the afternoon, Newski’s own show was canceled at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Nonetheless, we decided we wanted to bring these highly anticipated tunes to the airwaves and bring the entertainment and fun directly to you so we set up a cafe table, two stools and put a small cactus between myself and Brett (a germ deterrent) to bring to you Cafe Newski. One other notable is that the “No Tomorrow” or Matt Spatola, Newski’s drummer and producer, was the sole audience member.

Newski’s new album “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down,” comes out April 3 and after the release of “What’d Ya Got To Lose,” we got the radio world premiere of a handful of these songs. We chatted about his recent tour in South Africa, being bullied, social media influence, eating cheeseburgers while watching planes go by, isolation and their most ambitious tour ever.

Brett offers the sage advice to emerging musicians that “you just need to stay in the game…you do it long enough, you feel like a pro.”

Brett Newski says “Sanitize your friends”

You can stream the interview and a performance of the never-before heard songs off of Brett Newski’s upcoming album release.

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Marielle Allshwang and The Visitations bring The World of Mary Nohl to 414 Live

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Marielle Allshwang and The Visitations brought a haunting but joyful sound to our 414 Live series. We sit down with Marielle Allshwang and Adam Michael Krause to talk about the group’s catalogue of music, their marriage of music and the interdisciplinary arts, and a deep dive into “Precession of a Day: The World of Mary Nohl” and the un-streamable project “Night Gatherings.”

Everything from the name to the catalogue of music has a thoughtful purpose in this group. The Visitations became the name of the group based on a vote from an incredible read by German author Jenny Erpenbeck called “The Visitation.” Each body of work feels like a movement with the latest project deriving from a proposed commission produced by David Revel exploring regional artists’ work through regional musicians.

The group are currently entering new territory with new music and possibly switching up their instruments. We are excited to see what comes next.

Watch the full set of Marielle Allshwang and The Visitations below. You can hear Mary Nohl’s voice in the set if you listen closely.

You can stream the interview and live performance below.

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Liza Jane brings her magic trick and music to 414 Live

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This week on 414 Live we had the soulful voice of Liza Jane gracing our Radio Milwaukee studios after her debut release “Internet Girl No. 1” and the December single of “Unhappy Birthday.” We dive deep into the inspiration behind the music, the collection of creatives and collaborators Liza Jane surrounds herself with, her work in film, love for baking and the new EP that’s on its way.

We also talk about one of Liza’s favorite song titles of her music which is “Magic Trick” because the song has nothing to do with magic tricks but they added this sound effect to the end of the song as a joke but ended up keeping it in. To hear Liza Jane do her best impression of this sound, you’ll have to listen to the interview below.

She also offers the advice “if you’re creating something that you love and you’re creating something you are excited about, that’s exactly where you should be starting and the rest will follow.”

Liza Jane at Radio Milwaukee

Watch the full set of Liza Jane, including a preview of some unreleased tracks on the upcoming EP.

You can stream the interview and live performance below.

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Fox Face brings the fury on 414 Live

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Last week on 414 Live we had the riot grrrl inspired group Fox Face in our studio. The group’s last release “Spoil + Destroy” was a powerful release put out on Madison’s own Dirtnap records. The group talked about their upcoming album release, their history being a band for over eight years, and keeping their husbands upstairs.

Watch the full set of Fox Face, including a preview of some unreleased tracks on the upcoming album below.

You can stream their performance below.

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Rexxx share their Palentine’s Day love on 414 Live

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Last week on 414 Live we had Rexxx in the studio a day before the release of their new album “Pure Pleasure II.” The group has been together for just over a year but it’s clear this is a perfect combination of pals finally together in one band that create the high energy, straight-up fun performance of your punk-rock bedroom dreams.

The band name comes from an eaves dropping incident “….he just wrecks everything” that now translates into Rexxx tearing up our stage.

The group explains their Valentine’s Day release stating, “Why not do it on a loving day?”

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to “414 Live with ‘Rexxx'” on Spreaker.
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Harvey Scales Jr. honors his dad on 414 Live

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This week we were graced with Harvey Scales Jr. at 414 Live, son of the late and great Milwaukee legend Harvey Scales Sr.

Jordan and Jr. chat about Harvey Scales’ royal influence on his son, digging through the crates, the family business, and legacy with the release of his latest record “Mansa Musa 3.” Jr. sets the bar for himself and other emerging artists of what can be achieved with his music in his single “Black Excellence.” The latest record also includes topics of love, growth and his father’s influence. “I wanted to celebrate his accomplishments and celebrate the accomplishments of other black (artists).”

Watch a special performance with Harvey Scales Jr. live performing new music off of “Mansa Musa 3.”

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to “414 Live with ‘Harvey Scales Jr.'” on Spreaker.
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L’Resorts take you to paradise for a moment on 414 Live

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L’Resorts joined us at our Walker’s Point studios for 414 Live and created an experience that had everyone in the room briefly escape to their personal paradise. We were lucky enough to get them in the studios before the anticipated spring release of their sophomore record “Bad Love.”

We talked about the upcoming album, how the band expanded from a duo to a seven-piece and the fact that they are all fans of each others work, the origin of the inventive name, L’Resorts and their love for Christmas. The stories were boundless including a time they got a 12-foot Christmas tree that was so large that they had to cut it down in order to get it out of the house.

Aside from their incredible stories and passion for music making, Martha Cannon of the band offers the superb advice to “Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, be kind to yourself and others and that will take you so far in life no matter what thing you’re trying to do.”

This was a special performance as we heard a sneak peak of some of the unreleased tracks on the forthcoming album.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to “414 Live with ‘L’Resorts'” on Spreaker.
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NilexNile takes us through his creative journey on 414 Live

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Nile takes us through his creative journey on 414 Live after his latest release “Treason Youth” which he describes as a release that is a recreation of his life–keeping it interesting. And he delivers with his reinging title as “the Kendrick of Milwaukee.”

Jordan talks to Nile about his journey in music, how he navigates sound and gets into some deep conversation on influential hip-hop legacies and anime culture. Nile started his career in middle school, performed at a talent show and that was it. Nile has made a career in music and states, “I want to come from an honest space. I want people to understand I can be relatable. I just want to deliver good content. “

NilexNile brought us a special performance with surprise guest Liza Jane.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to “414 Live with ‘NileXNile'” on Spreaker.

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RB Vic stitches together a seamless performance on 414 Live

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Last week on 414 Live we had RB Vic hit the stage after his re-brand and release of his premiere EP “Rally Boi” and his recent wins as the champion of the Milwaukee Library Rap Battle and Rising Star award at the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards.

We discussed his young start doing ABC raps from the age of seven, his supportive journey with the Running Rebels as well as learning and working alongside Milwaukee legends such as Cincere, Dae Flywalker, Yung Legend, Ray Nitti, Pizzle and Job Jetson.

RB Vic offers some sage advice to artists “to not give up, always keep pushing because there’s going to be challenges, there’s going to be struggles, there will be people along the way who don’t want you to succeed but you can’t let that get to you. You got to keep pushing — just be you.”

RB Vic laid down a performance that was so tight knit, he didn’t miss a beat or a breath. There’s more new music on the way from his recent visit working at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta and two new videos being released this Winter for “Black Royalty “and “Right or Wrong.” Definitely keep on the look out for a lot more from this rising star.

You can stream the interview and performance below.

Listen to “414 Live with ‘RB Vic'” on Spreaker.

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