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On Amber Mark’s ‘All The Work,’ a bright star in R&B is born

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Amber Mark is the genre-splicing polymath that music needs now. Raised across Europe and Asia, and based in New York, the 23-year-old artist weaves her deep knowledge of international styles into a stunning musical tapestry which reveals new intricacies on every listen. Adding to the unique magic is the fact that Mark writes and produces all of her music herself.

Amber Mark, download "All The Work"

2018 is the year of amazing new R&B artists from Jorja Smith to Cleo Sol and now Amber Mark. Get a free .mp3 download of “All The Work” below.

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On ‘Klutz,’ Aesop Rock shows why he is one of the best lyricists and storytellers in hip-hop

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Aesop Rock is a critically acclaimed Hip-Hop artist/producer, recognized for his dense and abstract word-play. His career rose to fame early on as a prominent member of El-P’s now-defunct label, Def Jux.

Aesop Rock, Klutz

Since 1997, Aesop has released seven solo albums, three EPs, a 45-minute Nike-commissioned piece of music designed for runners and more. His lyrics have been published in the New York Times Best-Seller, Hip-Hop Speaks to Children, by author/activist Professor Nikki Giovanni (2008), as well as Yale University’s Anthology of Rap (2010). In 2014, Aesop was also recognized in a study conducted by data scientist Matt Daniels as one of the most verbose MC’s in Hip-Hop, today.

Get a free .mp3 download of “Klutz” and watch the music video below.

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Caution: video contains strong language.

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Milwaukee’s Lorde Fredd33 takes you to church on ‘Sanctified’

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Lorde Fredd33’s debut album sounds like Kendrick and Wu-Tang Clan had a baby that was raised on the North side of Milwaukee.  Pitchfork gave “Norf: The Legend of Hotboy Ronald” a 7.5 out of 10 calling the album “a complex, deeply-personal portrait of black life in America’s rust belt.

Lorde Fredd33

The album comes out strong with “Sanctified,” a slow gospel song that will take your butt to church. He seeks “salvation” by confronting the anger, frustration and violence of his past. He elevates to a “higher place” as he sheds old skin, facing the next phase of his life and setting the tone for this album with a new vulnerability.

Get a free .mp3 download of “Sanctified” and watch the video below.

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Caution: the video contains strong imagery.

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Download Denzel Curry’s amazing banger, ‘Sumo’

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“Sumo” is vintage Curry, the blown out 808s and menacing synths provide a perfect canvas for him to reel off a procession of impressive flows, from screaming staccato to speedy wordplay, all with his singular intensity. Curry was part of ASAP Ferg’s recently postponed Mad Man tour, and after seeing insane footage of the shows it’s a shame he won’t be able to bust out “Sumo” while it’s still brand new.

Denzel Curry, Sumo

The song’s thumping instrumental was provided by Charlie Heat and Curry told Lowe that he was in the studio with Heat, Flatbush Zombies and Kirk Knight when he heard the beat and the hook came to mind. Listen and get the free .mp3 download below.

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DJDS and Khalid’s new song, ‘No Pain,’ hurts so good

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“No Pain” is a sentimental, yearning song about trying to prove to someone that you won’t hurt them the way their last lover did. Unlike a lot of DJDS tracks, this one doesn’t beg to be played at a raucous party; it’s slow and solemn, with an accompanying video that fits the mood. It’s slow trap meets gospel and it hurts so good.

Get a free mp3 download of the powerful song and see the equally powerful video below.


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Chrome Sparks created the perfect soundtrack for your daydreaming

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Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) knows how to make his tracks shine. His forthcoming eponymous debut album via Counter Records (a Ninja Tune imprint), boasts a sparkling sound: a euphony of hip-hop, house and bright-beaming synth work. On his new single, “Still Think,” the vocoder vocals and saccharine melodies show a predilection for straight-for-the-jugular songwriting. But there’s also a lush texture and intricacy to the synths and arpeggios which underpin the track, hinting at the studio gear – in particular, a trusty Moog synth – which was a vital part of how he made the record.

Chrome Sparks, download music

The album is the product of an obsessive approach to production as much it is about a restless hunt for new ideas over several years spent between Malvin’s Navy Yard, Brooklyn studio and a secluded cabin in upstate New York. He spent a month there to escape the distractions of the city and to distill his process during what became an intensive period of creativity.

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Young Fathers’ new song, ‘In My View’ is the Afrofuturistic-pop you deserve, download now

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Cocoa Sugar sees Young Fathers – Alloysious Massaquoi, Graham ‘G’ Hastings and Kayus Bankole – operating with a newfound clarity and direction. Written and recorded throughout 2017 in the band’s basement studio and HQ, the album is, without doubt, their most confident and complete statement to date and is set to build on the success of the group’s previous albums: 2014’s Mercury Prize-winning “DEAD” and 2015’s “White Men Are Black Men Too.”

Young Fathers, Afrofuturism, Cocoa Sugar, Free Download

The record has already been met with widespread acclaim; described by Mojo as “an avant-pop masterclass” and Uncut as “a heady joy”. This album finds the band playfully molding disparate sonic motifs, before breathlessly colliding them in a disorientating and confrontational fashion. The group’s aim on this album is to explore the very essence of their own art.

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Download Wye Oak’s pop anthem, ‘The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs’

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The title track of “The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs”—the triumphant fifth album by Wye Oak—is a coil of anxiety and exuberance, its verses and chorus sweeping into cascades of magnetic harmony. By the time the song ends, it has bloomed into an undeniable pop anthem, a spell to be shouted against the ills of our world.

Wye Oak download

For Louder, Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack flew to one another’s cities—she in Durham, North Carolina, he in Marfa, Texas—for a week or so at a time, hunkering in home studios to sort through and combine their separate song sketches. These shorter stints together produced less second-guessing and hesitation in their process, yielding an unabashed and unapologetic Wye Oak. They discarded past rules about how to write a record, instead funneling all those experiences and experiments into perfectly unified statements.

The result is the biggest, broadest, boldest music Wye Oak has ever made. “Louder” pursues a litany of modern malaise, each of its dozen tracks diligently addressing a new conflict and pinning it against walls of sound, with the song’s subject and shape inextricably and ingeniously linked. It arrives at a time of immense doubt, when our personal problems are infinitely compounded by a world that seems in existential peril. But these songs answer the challenge by radiating self-reflection and resolve, wielding hooks and musical intricacy as a shield against the madness of the moment.

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Find yourself in Hop Along’s latest song, ‘How Simple’

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On the Hop Along album opener, “How Simple,” Frances Quinlan wrangles with what it’s like to learn about yourself—which can get ugly. Quinlan explains, “People romanticize the idea of finding themselves, but when they do, at least in my experience, it can be really difficult. You see how you fail others and how others fail you.”

Hop Along

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Amber Mark’s ‘Love Me Right’ is a nod to R&B slow jams of the 80’s and 90’s

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Raised across Europe and Asia, and based in New York City, Amber Mark weaves her deep knowledge of international styles into a stunning musical tapestry. Growing up on a diet of soul, R&B, bossa nova and electronica, Amber’s rich songwriting and production talents were distilled into her 2016 release – “the 3.33am” EP. The release was a dedication to her late mother and an exploration of how grief can birth incredible creativity. Now on Conexão, Amber is turning her sights to the future. “It’s about my process of finding love again,” she explains of the project. “It’s like you’re reading a book about my life and this is the next chapter.” On stunning lead single “Love Me Right,” Amber lays out the terms of a relationship over pared-down, purposeful R&B rhythms. Like all her music, the song is an honest reflection of real-life emotion.

Amber Mark

This Spring, Amber kicks off her just announced US tour on May 6th in Washington D.C. running through May 30th. The Conexão EP confirms Amber Mark as one of 2018’s most inventive artists, both as a songwriter and a producer. In amongst worldwide tour dates and further releases, Amber’s first 2018 release is a mission statement for the year ahead.

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