Download Steel Pulse's latest song 'Cry Cry Blood'

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This week's download comes from reggae legends Steel Pulse and their latest album "Mass Manipulation." You have seven days to download their song "Cry Cry Blood."

Steel Pulse

U.K. reggae legends Steel Pulse announced today their first new studio album in 15 years, "Mass Manipulation," out May 17 via Rootfire Cooperative in partnership with Steel Pulse's own imprint, Wiseman Doctrine. Lead single "Cry Cry Blood" debuts today. Rolling Stone calls the track "a meditative rocker with deftly placed horns, guitars and strings bubbling up above the song's thumping groove," noting that "David Hinds' lyrics touch on injustice and violence, but end with a revolutionary call as he sings, 'The whole world's taking advantage/While we stand aside and look/It was prophesied we'd rise again/Just take a second look.'" Recorded over the course of several years on three continents, the track can now be streamed/shared at

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Haviah Mighty's 'Wishy-Washy' should be added to your playlist right now

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This week's download comes from Canadian rapper Haviah Mighty latest release "13th Floor."

Haviah Mighty
Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty didn't need to change her birth name when she decided to dedicate her career to music. In fact, Mighty couldn't be more accurate a word to describe the 26-year-old artist, named one of XXL's 15 Toronto Rappers You Should Know in 2019.

Raised in a musical household in Brampton, Ontario, Mighty started singing at the age of 4, rapping at 11, and producing at 15.

Well-known for being one of the three MCs who make up The Sorority -- a hip-hop group born during an all-female cypher on International Women's Day in 2016 -- Mighty is making equally large waves as a solo artist.
Haviah has been releasing music independently since 2009, but it was her project, Flower City (2017), that propelled her solo career into further success. In 2018, Mighty's track "Vámonos" appeared on HBO's hit series, "Insecure." That same year, Mighty was declared winner of the prestigious 2018/2019 Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class.

Haviah Mighty - "Wishy Washy" feat. Omega Mighty

Haviah's explosive live show, filled with in-your-face intensity and her fast, technical flows, has also quickly developed her reputation as one to keep an eye on, earning her opening slots for acclaimed artists like Sheck Wes, Nelly, Desiigner, Kranium, A Tribe Called Red, and Snoop Dogg.

In 2019, Mighty is preparing to release her most fully realized body of work to date, and continues to carve out spaces that boldly defy gendered expectations for women in hip hop.

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Download Frenship's latest song, 'Remind You'

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This week's download comes from L.A. duo Frenship and their latest album "Vacation." You have seven days to download their song "Remind You."

Frenship will be performing at Summerfest on July 2 on the Miller Lite Oasis stage at 8:30 pm.


Frenship's new album follows a series of buzzed-about singles that racked up more than 750+ million streams, including the 2016 global hit "Capsize" with Emily Warren. Full of warm harmonies, propulsive melodies, spiraling synths, and pristine songwriting, Vacation is an album about searching. It examines the nuances of relationships and the idea of happiness and home -- the duo's hot-cold relationship with Los Angeles serving as one of the inspirations for the new songs.

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The 1865 use punk to tell a story about slavery on 'Runaway Bride'

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This week's download comes from the New York band The 1865 and their album "Don't Tread On We." You have seven days to download their song "Runaway Bride."

A quick thumb through a history textbook or online archive will describe the year 1865 as a turning point in American history. That was the year the Civil War came to an end, thus igniting what was known as America’s Reconstruction era. And while newly freed slaves were slowly adapting to a post-Confederate society, the battle had truly just begun.

The 1865 / photo credit: Ed Marshall

It’s a parallel to modern American history, and so the New York City-based band, The 1865 chose their name as the year emblematic of the notion that the more things change the more they stay the same. Their debut album "Don’t Tread On We!" punctuates that sentiment, with real stories set to the backdrop of hardcore punk tunes.

The 1865 formed in 2017 as the brainchild of musician and filmmaker Sacha Jenkins. After decades in the music space, Jenkins was searching for a new way to voice his frustrations and expressions of the current political landscape. “Looking at what’s going on today and being fans of Hardcore Punk music, I felt it was a great platform to discuss the things happening in the world,” Jenkins explains. “I felt that The 1865 was a great way to create contemporary music that spoke to the past, but spoke to the same things that continue to happen over and over again in this country.”

"Runaway Bride" tells the tale of a slave who woos the son of her slaveowner into buying her freedom papers, and once his father finds out, sends him off to war. 

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Download Bibio's latest song, 'Old Graffiti'

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This week's download comes from Bibio and his latest album, "Ribbons." You have seven days to download his song, "Old Graffiti."

Bibio, Ribbons
Photo courtesy of the artist Bibio

Bibio returns in 2019 with Ribbons. Following his ambient atmospheric 2017 project "Phantom Brickworks," Stephen Wilkinson returns to the path of structured songwriting last explored on 2016’s "A Mineral Love." Ribbons yields folkloric charm with an organic palette, incorporating a mostly acoustic-led approach exploring '60s and '70s psychedelia, soul, ambient, electronic and field recordings. The album will be released on April 12 through Warp Records.

Wilkinson’s folk influences span '60s and '70s styles from Britain, Ireland and America; he mixes influences of homegrown acid folk with the dreamy harmonies of its Californian counterpart. He also pays homage to his past J Dilla and Madlib inspired works, this time drawing influence from the eras and records those producers sampled, such as '60s and '70s Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Sharp and other soul artists, but rather than relying on sampling records, Wilkinson creates his homages from scratch with appropriate instrumentation.

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Download Ra Ra Riot's new song 'Bad To Worse'

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This week's download comes from Ra Ra Riot. You have seven days to download their song "Bad To Worse."

Like the 32 million Spotify streamed "Water," "Bad To Worse" was Produced by and Co-Written with Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend, Maggie Rogers, Frank Ocean, Haim). The song was Mixed by multiple Grammy winner, Manny Marroquin (Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Sia, Kanye West) and Mastered by Grammy winning Emily Lazar (Chainsmokers, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Beck).

Ra Ra Riot

On “Bad To Worse,” Ra Ra Riot approach the theme of driving from a more wearied perspective, recounting a nine-hour journey from Washington D.C. to the outermost point of Cape Cod. “It’s about watching the world from the window of the car or bus, and how there’s a familiarity to everything but it’s never the same as it once was,” says lead singer, Wes Miles. A simply adorned song, it offsets those wistful lyrics with bright beats and warm textures sculpted with the help of Batmanglij’s vast collection vintage synths.

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Download Grupo Fantasma's new song, 'The Wall'

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This week's download comes from the band Grupo Fantasma and their latest album "American Music: Vol. VII." You have seven days to download their song "The Wall" featuring Ozomatli & Locos Por Juana.

Grupo Fantasma

Austin’s Grupo Fantasma enters their 19th year as a band with an exciting new record and a fresh take on their unique sound. With six previous albums in their back catalog, plus collaborations and backing gigs with the likes of Prince, Spoon and Los Lobos, not to mention a GRAMMY award and a loyal fan base, they are ready to turn people’s heads again with American Music: Vol. VII (Blue Corn Music).

It’s been five years since they’ve been in the studio, and this time around they’re working with the multi-talented Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya, a highly regarded Miami-based Colombian producer, audio engineer, musician, and songwriter. His credits are extensive, having worked with artists as diverse and successful as Beyoncé, Weezer, and ChocQuibTown.

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Download Lucy Rose's song, 'Conversation' from her album, 'No Words Left'

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Lucy Rose, Conversation

Lucy Rose

"No Words Left" is Lucy’s most disarmingly honest record to date. An intimate, raw, and beautiful collection of songs, it represents Lucy at her most beguiling and unguarded, frank and direct. It’s a record largely informed by an incredibly difficult twelve months of self-reflection, disenchantment and apathy, that Lucy barely recalls even writing but her strength and prowess for creating such captivating, folk-imbued songcraft shines through emphatically.

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Download Craig Finn's latest single, 'Something to Hope For'

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Craig Finn

The third album in a trilogy (following 2015’s Faith in the Future and 2017’s We All Want The Same Things), I Need A New War sees Finn expertly chronicling our complex, often confusing, modern era, drawing deeply felt character studies about regular people trying to respond to extraordinary times, attempting to find connection whilst wondering how to keep pace with a world moving faster than they are. The LP further finds Finn focusing his lens on New York City – his home for the last 18 years.

From Finn: “The characters in the songs on this record, and the last two, are trying to keep up and keep their heads above water. They succeed or they don’t, but their stories are the tales of their attempts at pushing ahead. And so, with my own push forward, I feel lucky and excited to be sharing these songs and stories.” Describing Blankets, he calls it "a song about someone who has never gotten over a past love, and goes searching for her. But time is running out."

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Download Milwaukee-based Rose of The West's latest single, 'Roads'

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Rose of the West

Rose of the West loosely threads dark and brooding strands throughout its newest songs to bind its temperate-but-temperamental style of pop. The result is a beautifully structured, soft-blooming, Technicolor Lynchian dreamscape with just the right amount of sparkle amidst the dark shadows to catch the eye. Are you awake or still sleeping? Are these thoughts your own or are they driven by the characters who populate your dreams?

Driving these hazy dream-currents of music are frosty synths, radiant warmth from guitar and piano, nimble bass lines and a tempestuous, gutsy kick from clear-cut percussion. Rose of the West leader, Gina Barrington, brings it all together with her crystalline-but-sultry vocals, twisting and turning lyrics over like talismans. And no matter how dark, Barrington’s most desolate words always seem to hold the possibility of turning those single sparks into bright flames.

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