Download Craig Finn’s latest single, ‘Something to Hope For’

Download Craig Finn’s latest single, ‘Something to Hope For’

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Craig Finn

The third album in a trilogy (following 2015’s Faith in the Future and 2017’s We All Want The Same Things), I Need A New War sees Finn expertly chronicling our complex, often confusing, modern era, drawing deeply felt character studies about regular people trying to respond to extraordinary times, attempting to find connection whilst wondering how to keep pace with a world moving faster than they are. The LP further finds Finn focusing his lens on New York City – his home for the last 18 years.

From Finn: “The characters in the songs on this record, and the last two, are trying to keep up and keep their heads above water. They succeed or they don’t, but their stories are the tales of their attempts at pushing ahead. And so, with my own push forward, I feel lucky and excited to be sharing these songs and stories.” Describing Blankets, he calls it “a song about someone who has never gotten over a past love, and goes searching for her. But time is running out.”

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Download Milwaukee-based Rose of The West’s latest single, ‘Roads’

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Rose of the West

Rose of the West loosely threads dark and brooding strands throughout its newest songs to bind its temperate-but-temperamental style of pop. The result is a beautifully structured, soft-blooming, Technicolor Lynchian dreamscape with just the right amount of sparkle amidst the dark shadows to catch the eye. Are you awake or still sleeping? Are these thoughts your own or are they driven by the characters who populate your dreams?

Driving these hazy dream-currents of music are frosty synths, radiant warmth from guitar and piano, nimble bass lines and a tempestuous, gutsy kick from clear-cut percussion. Rose of the West leader, Gina Barrington, brings it all together with her crystalline-but-sultry vocals, twisting and turning lyrics over like talismans. And no matter how dark, Barrington’s most desolate words always seem to hold the possibility of turning those single sparks into bright flames.

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Download Kindness’ latest song, ‘Cry Everything,’ featuring Robyn

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“Won’t try to hide it/I’m gonna be myself this time,” Robyn and Kindness sing on the pre-chorus, before exclaiming, “the skies open/I just wanna cry everything.”

“I feel things coming back to life,” the two friends add later on, encouraging their listener–and each other–to live truthfully, and authentically, in the aftermath of chaos. “This time,” they sing, “My tears feel like progress.” The percussion is played by Arthur Russell friend and collaborator Mustafa Ahmed.

Co-written and sung by both Robyn and Kindness, and produced by the latter, the sessions for “Cry Everything” began in 2014 as Kindness, was wrapping up their second album, “Otherness.” It marks the second recent collaboration between the two, the first being the Kindness-produced “Send to Robin Immediately,” a highlight from the Swedish star’s most recent album, “Honey.”

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Download Wild Belle’s latest song ‘Mockingbird’

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Wild Belle

Sibling duo Wild Belle, comprised of multi-instrumentalist and producer Elliot Bergman and singer-songwriter Natalie Bergman, announces the release of the band’s upcoming third studio album, “Everybody One Of A Kind.”

The album, due out March 22, finds the duo revisiting some of their trademark sounds and inspirations, incorporated into a deeper mix of breezy, blazed out modern soul and world-rock sounds.

Coinciding with today’s announcement and yesterday’s premiere on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, the duo has shared the video for their first single “Mockingbird” off the forthcoming album.

Co-directed by Natalie Bergman and Alan Del Rio (St. Vincent, Blood Orange, Maggie Rogers, Solange, Danny Brown, Whitney), the video is a vintage take on a high-speed chase (with a cameo from Jean of H09909) and an epic house party in the hills, shot in artist Mark Grotjahn’s backyard, acting as the perfect visual component to the reggae-inspired bop.

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Download Dessa’s new song, ‘Grade School Games’

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Dessa, Grade School Gamescredit: Bill Phelps

From Dessa:

“Grade School Games” started with a little keyboard line, hammered out on my Casio at home. The first lyrics to materialize are the first words of the song: Love, drugs, sex, pain….those are just grade school games. I liked the idea of casting our biggest, most urgent human experiences on something like a geological scale: all the people in all houses want love, detest pain, and live as social animals who admire, shame, envy, and adore one another. And it stays that way from the playground to the grave—that’s just the way human lives are lived.

For a couple of years, though, I couldn’t quite get the song off the ground. Despite several attempts to flesh out an arrangement, it remained a 1-minute-and-11-second-demo on my laptop. I brought this snippet to Andy Thompson and Lazerbeak (the team that executively produced my last album Chime) and we managed to forge a proper track together.

Lazerbeak crafted the percussion, Andy played my original keyboard line into guitar, added vibraphone, and managed to write the bridge almost on the spot after I suggested, “it’d be cool to have, like, an “Eleanor Rigby” vibe.” We ended up, I hope, with a carefully produced track that feels true, sad, simple, and sweet.

I then sent the song to a longtime friend and collaborator, the designer MK Larada to create the single cover. I tore a page out of my notebook and folded one of those elementary-school fortune tellers. I took a few photos on my iPhone (pressing the shutter with my chin before it occurred to me to use the timer) and within a few exchanges, we had our image.

Dessa is coming off a successful year; she released her third studio album Chime, & her first hardcover book, My Own Devices, named a best book of 2018 by NPR and Amazon. In 2019, Dessa is releasing new music, touring the US and Europe, doing two shows with the Minnesota Orchestra (with a live album to follow), and playing the festival circuit (Boston Calling, Soundset, BottleRock, and more TBA).

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Mothica crushes it on her new single, ‘Crossfire’

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Mothica, Crossfire

Over the course of 2018, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has revealed glimpses into her highly anticipated new EP, “Ashes.” A figurehead of the dark-pop genre, Mothica real name McKenzie Ellis, has won a loyal following of fans and tastemakers alike thanks to her penchant for soul-tapping lyrics and a remarkable skillset as a modern pop music songwriter.

Counting The FADER, Earmilk, Bullett, Pigeons and Planes, Indie Shuffle and MILK as some of her many supporters, Mothica’s previous singles this year, “Burnout” and “Water Me Down,” showcased a welcome continuation of Mothica’s pop-meets-electronic sound and solidified the mounting buzz over the new EP. “Ashes” is her most ambitious project yet.

“I wrote ‘Crossfire’ about my first experience having a crush on a girl. The ‘Crossfire’ music video originally was going to be roller derby-themed showing powerful women, with me working the concession stand serving French fries.

“I wanted to be a side character for once. The director, Tim Hendrix, had a different idea and it turned into a surrealist, twisted, Scott Pilgrim-inspired psychedelic trip starring roller skater, Crystal Roseborough of the LA Roller Girls. It was a 15-hour day, shot entirely on a green screen other than the opening shot. I think it shows a quirkier side to my often deemed ‘sad’ music and my ability to not take myself so seriously.”

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Download Injury Reserve’s new hip-hop banger, ‘Jawbreaker’ feat. Rico Nasty and Pro Teens

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Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve

Phoenix, Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve just dropped a video for a new track “Jawbreaker.” The track features Rico Nasty along with fellow Phoenicians PRO TEENS and the video was directed by Parker Corey of Injury Reserve. With the biggest week in fashion around the corner, “Jawbreaker” is their take on the state of things with the video almost acting as a Mystery Science Theater-esque commentary while remaining true to the elegance of a high-end fashion show. Stay posted on much more to come from the recent Loma Vista Recordings signees in 2019.

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Download FRENSHIP’s new song, ‘Wanted A Name’ feat. York Lore

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Rousing and undeniable, the track’s propulsive sonics and soaring melody give way to musings on if the elusive feelings of love, acceptance and validation will ever be re-captured.

FRENSHIP, who bring their diverse inspirations to wide-angle pop songs marked by warm vocal harmonies and unshakeable hooks, wrote “Wanted A Name” after their very first headline tour where they had experienced their biggest audiences yet. The sudden shift of returning to the quiet of home away from the electrifying energy of the crowds night after night inspired them to explore the drive to chase those lightning-in-a-bottle moments in life.

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Sneaks blends hip-hop, dance and post-punk on ‘The Way It Goes’

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Just as she takes up space in the male-dominated Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area punk scene, Sneaks, aka Eva Moolchan, takes up space among the patriarchy. “Highway Hypnosis” plays on hip-hop, post-punk and invented words to fill a gap between the feminist underground and genre-specific singles charts. Through it, Moolchan joins the resistance forged by queer black feminists who create, explore, empower, conquer and play bass.

Flashes of Robyn, Britney Spears, Jock Jams, Nirvana, recess hour on the blacktop, M.I.A., Lil Mama, a hacky sack circle, Aaliyah and your first Warped Tour experience somehow all make sense inside the mind attached to ears experiencing “Highway Hypnosis.”

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DAWN makes a fierce return with a fresh single, ‘new breed’

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Following her acclaimed trilogy of solo albums, electronic R&B innovator DAWN (formerly Dawn Richard) returns with “new breed,” a new album that dates back to her upbringing in New Orleans, taking in the city’s rich traditions and musical heritage.

A former member of cult R&B groups Dirty Money and Danity Kane, DAWN has worked with everyone from Diddy and Drake to Machinedrum, Kimbra and Dirty Projectors across her unique career, and has constantly redefined what an independent black female artist can achieve without major label backing. Working closely with independent label Local Action for her last two albums, Dawn became the first ever artist to perform live in 360 degrees on YouTube, has been nominated for multiple awards for her boundary-pushing videos, and her last album “Redemption” went to top five in the Billboard charts while picking up end of year accolades from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, TIME, LA Times, The Quietus, FACT, Noisey and more. She also works closely with Adult Swim as a curator and designer, and in the last six months has toured with both Kimbra and a reunited Danity Kane.

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