Download Little Scream’s ‘Still Life’

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This week’s download comes from Little Scream and her latest album “Speed Queen.” You have seven days to download her song “Still Life.”

Little Scream
Little Scream | photo by Zach Hertzman

On her third album, Little Scream offers us a reflection on class and poverty in America. Speed Queen began as bits of prose written while touring Cult Following across North America—observing the slow entropy of the US, ruminating on her own low-income upbringing in a flyover state, and, as she says, “taking it all in from the privileged position of being a new Canadian.”

The title, which alludes to the opiate crisis, actually refers to a washing machine. Little Scream says, “When you’re struggling, nothing says you’ve made it more than getting your own washing machine. Speed Queen is about the dream of making it and feeling desperately close but missing it.”

Little Scream on “Still Life” and finding personal catharsis:

Much of my new record Speed Queen touches on class, poverty, and politics. But there are a few exceptions, and all of these exceptions have one thing in common—they all reference painting. I guess painting is my “happy place,” and the thing that gave me a break from the other heavy subject matter. “Still Life” is a song that grew out of a fragment Mike Feuerstack had started and shared with me. I had just been discussing that Manet painting Un bar aux Folies Bergère, and I finished writing the song with the unrequited longing that painting has always inspired in me.

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Download Allen Stone’s ‘Brown Eyed Lover’

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This week’s download comes from Allen Stone and his forthcoming album “Building Balance.” You have seven days to download the song “Brown Eyed Lover.”

Allen Stone

Allen described the inspiration behind the single “Brown Eyed Lover.” “I am a slave to the road, constantly in a different city, always on the other side of town, never in the same bed for more than a night. It seemed as though I chose a lifestyle that wasn’t lending itself to be shared with a partner.

That was until I met my soon to be wife. “Brown Eyed Lover” depicts the internal struggle of being in a relationship while also being on the road. The struggle of having to leave constantly for my career but wanting the relationship to move forward. I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

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Download SebastiAn’s ‘Run For Me’ featuring Gallant

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This week’s download comes from SebastiAn and his new album “Thirst.” You have seven days to download his song “Run For Me” featuring Gallant.


Thirst is SebastiAn’s sophomore album, and comes eight years after SebastiAn’s 2011 debut, Total. Bringing different styles together as one on the new record – from European techno and electro to classic pop and R&B, hip-hop and American gospel – SebastiAn called upon an impressive list of artists to feature on the 14-track album including acclaimed singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (SebastiAn primarily produced her 2017 album ‘Rest’), cult pop duo Sparks, American singer/songwriter Syd from The Internet and experimental Iranian/Dutch artist Sevdaliza.

The first singles rom the album include “Thirst”, “Run for Me” featuring acclaimed US R&B singer Gallant, “Better Now” featuring American singer Mayer Hawthorne, “Beograd” and the most recent single ‘Sober’ which features vocals from rising London artist Bakar.

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Download Polica’s new song ‘Driving’

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This week’s download comes from Poliça and their forthcoming album “When We Stay Alive.” You have seven days to download the song “Driving.”

When Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh fell off her roof while clearing ice in early 2018, she smashed her L1 vertebrae and battered her spine, leaving her in a brace with limited mobility for months. Yet Poliça’s fourth album, “When We Stay Alive,” is not about one debilitating accident. It’s about the redemptive power of rewriting your story in order to heal and reclaiming your identity as a result.


While recovering, Leaneagh’s doctor told her to focus not only on physical healing, but to meditate on the mental act of healing as well – working to erase the anger, regrets, and fear she felt about her fall. To do so, he suggested she rewrite the story she told herself about what happened on February 28th.

Left alone with her thoughts and her back fully braced, Leaneagh would visualize herself slipping and falling not onto cement, but instead onto a cloud, landing safely before breaking into a sprint over snow melting to reveal tall blades of green grass. As she felt the positive effects of this mental exercise, she set about doing the same for other injuries and pains that she gripped onto from her past.

On brooding opener and first single “Driving,” one of the songs written post-accident, Ryan Olson’s beats run like white lines over asphalt. Here’s Channy describing “Driving”‘s origins:

“Laying in bed, as I healed, I would dream of running in green grass and tears would pour from my eyes. Running in the tall green grass; imagine wanting life and the want remains. That is a feeling to hold onto, that life is worth living even when all signs point no.’”

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Little Dragon gets frisky on ‘Tongue Kissing’

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This week’s download comes from Sweden’s Little Dragon. You have seven days to download their new song “Tongue Kissing,” starting today.

Little Dragon
Little Dragon. Photo courtesy of the band.

Little Dragon returns with new single “Tongue Kissing” and the announcement of a massive 2020 European and North American tour. The new track is packed with glittering, off-kilter pop, which sees front-woman Yukimi Nagano muse on embracing life’s challenges head-on.

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Download Sudan Archives’ new song ‘Glorious’

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This week’s download comes from Sudan Archives and her debut album “Athena.” You have seven days to download her song.

Sudan Archives

Athena follows Sudan Archives’ debut EP Sudan Archives (2017) and the Sink EP (2018), which garnered wide acclaim from NPR Music, The Guardian, Pitchfork and The New York Times, among others. Athena is about duality. Herself an identical twin, Sudan Archives has long been acquainted with the notion of opposites coexisting within one entity. She explores that concept throughout the album, testing the boundaries between good and evil, and vulnerability and strength. On eleven tracks that include some of her most open and honest lyrics to date, she delves into relationships, confidence, isolation, and questions of right and wrong.

For Athena, Sudan Archives worked with a cast of musicians including producers Washed Out, Paul White (Danny Brown, Charli XCX), and Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, Sampha, Adele). The result of her opening up to collaboration is her most wide-ranging music to date; as she puts it, the EPs are “like a haiku of what the album is”. Deeply ambitious, sometimes vulnerable, and always beautiful, Athena is a powerful statement from a musician who has always resisted easy categorization.

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Download Common’s ‘Her Love’ featuring Daniel Caesar

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This week’s download comes from the one and only Common. You have seven days to download his song “Her Love” featuring Daniel Caesar.

Common | Courtesy of the artist

Earlier this year, GRAMMY® Award-winning rapper Common released the music video entitled “HER Love” featuring Daniel Caesar and including an unreleased beat from J Dilla.

Boasting an unheard beat by longtime collaborator the late and great J Dilla, the soulful production underscores rhymes celebrating the culture from Jam Master Jay all the way to Lil Uzi Vert, Nipsey Hussle, and Cardi B. It illuminates the genre’s power to him as he claims, “You see a Malcolm X in a YG.” Of hip-hop, Common admits, “You gave me a voice in the world, it’s been hard to choose another girl.”

In his lexicon, “HER” is short for “(Hip-Hop in its Essence is Real)” and would be first introduced on 1994’s “I Used To Love H.E.R.” For the event-level track, he unites with prominent forces from different eras of the culture to deliver a timeless dedication to hip-hop with “HER Love” buoyed by Dilla and a soulful hook from Caesar. Delivering a rap “State of the Union,” his bars detail the evolution of hip-hop throughout the past 25 years, complementing how he first commented on the genre in 1994 and bringing everything full circle.

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Download ALA.NI’s latest song ‘Differently’

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This week’s download comes from the singer/songwriter ALA.NI. You have seven days to download her song “Differently.”


Parisian singer ALA.NI is poised to follow up her stunning debut album “You & I” in early 2020. Like her debut, the new album “ACCA” was written entirely a capella. But this time around, ALA.NI focused her attention on beats and grooves, crafting infectious, rhythmic tunes that owe more to Dr. Dre and legendary reggae artist Errol Dunkley than Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan.

ALA.NI hones in on the human element with her spectacular sophomore album, “ACCA,” crafting a collection of dense, harmonically intricate vocal arrangements that feature sparse or no instrumental backing at all. At once raw and rich, gritty and elegant, sweet and biting, the album includes guest appearances from Iggy Pop and rapper/actor Lakeith Stanfield, but make no mistake: “ACCA” is pure ALA.NI. She wrote, produced, and arranged each song herself, layering up hundreds of vocal tracks in order to create an immersive, hypnotic world that blurs the lines between vibrating vocal cords, bowed strings, and blown reeds.

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Download Safia’s latest song ‘Runaway’

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This week’s download comes from the group Safia and their latest album “Story’s Start Or End.” You have seven days to download their song “Runaway.”


SAFIA — which consists of singer Ben Woolner along with drummer Michael Bell and guitarist/keyboardist Harry Sayers — first began transporting listeners to new worlds in 2013 with their breakout single, “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues.” The track racked up 15 million streams on Spotify, cracked the Top 10 on the Australian Independent Singles chart, and helped garner invitations to support superstars like Lorde and Disclosure on the road.

The band followed it up with a series of similarly successful singles before releasing their 2016 debut, ‘Internal,’ to rave reviews, with The Sydney Morning Herald hailing it as “spectacular” and The Australian praising its “intricate textures, whimsical synths and energetic rhythms.” The record landed at #2 on the Australian Albums chart, earned the trio international headline tours as well as arena dates with Twenty One Pilots, and grew into both a radio and streaming juggernaut (to date, the band has amassed over 140 million audio streams and 8 million video views).

“More than ever before, we had time for reflection with this album,” says SAFIA frontman Ben Woolner. “After the success of the first record, we had the benefit of experience and hindsight on our side, and that gave us the freedom to think about exactly who we wanted to be and what we wanted to say as artists.”

That space for self-discovery and creative exploration proved to be essential in crafting ‘Story’s Start or End,’ SAFIA’s remarkable sophomore release. Written and recorded over a span of two-and-a-half years, the collection showcases the Australian three-piece’s bold vision and fine attention to detail, with intricate production and adventurous arrangements underpinning thoughtful musings on identity, growth, and understanding. It’s easy to envision this music on the dance floor — the pulsating beats, window-rattling subs, and atmospheric synths practically defy you to try and sit still — but there’s far more reward awaiting those willing to dig beneath the surface. SAFIA don’t just write songs; they forge entire sonic landscapes with rich, cinematic detail.

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The Goods deliver a future funk gem with ‘Peach’

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This week’s download comes from the Australian trio The Goods. You have seven days to download their sensual funk tune, “Peach.”

The Goods

The Goods are back with a second single, “Peach,” a collection of moods with an obsession for chasing the funk. When their vocalist Black Tree heard the beat for the first time in the studio, lyrics and melodies flowed instantly. He says: “My hope is that it becomes a feel-good anthem for sexual liberation. Freedom from shame is after all about opening yourself up to the world and that act of vulnerability breaks down walls and allows us to come together.” Reminiscent of early Prince, “Peach” is sure to keep you dancing through the Summer with a tasty combination of sweet melody and juicy rhythm.

One of Australia’s most dynamic up & coming acts, The Goods have become vital members of Sydney’s rising soul/electronic scene in just a few short years. With word spreading internationally and the band recently joining forces with Brooklyn-based label Bastard Jazz Recordings, The Goods are gearing up to release their hotly anticipated Make Your Move EP as they put the finishing touches on their debut album out later this year.

Consisting of founding members Badmandela and Rosario, along with the more recent addition of vocalist Black Tree, The Goods first burst onto the scene in 2016 with the release of their self-titled double EP rooted in a steady stream of hip-hop, space funk, low slung house and soul. Recognized by outlets such as Complex, MTV, VICE and Indie Shuffle, The Goods have also been heralded for their smashing live sets, sharing stages with the likes of Oddisee and Onra, in addition, to highlight performances at various music festivals.

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