Download Jayda G’s upbeat ‘Both of Us’

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This week’s download comes from DJ and producer Jayda G. You have seven days to download her song “Both of Us.”

Jayda G | photo credit: Lou Jasmine

From the press release:

Her first new material since 2019’s debut album “Significant Changes” arrives with a great deal of anticipation—clips floating around online of Jayda teasing ‘Both Of Us’ in her DJ sets quickly led to an influx of messages requesting more information and pleading for an official release. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” she says. “I really wondered if releasing the record right now was the right thing to do. Things can feel really fucking depressing at the moment, but the amount of messages I’ve been getting about the track, even during lockdown when people are unable to even be in clubs or at festivals, that really convinced me that now was the right time.”

As with “Significant Changes”—which contains many references to her work studying the environment—on “Both Of Us / Are U Down” Jayda distils her interests and surroundings once more. The resulting EP is a dichotomy of old and new, equal parts nostalgia and of breaking new ground.

‘Both Of Us’ is an upbeat throwback to the dancefloors of the past, drawing on Jayda’s love of classic, uplifting house, the kind she digs for and plays religiously in her DJ sets and during her recent year-long BBC Radio 1 Residency. “I wanted to make a happy house song” she explains, “the uplifting vocal, the slow breakdown, the release, those are a key part of so many of those classic house tracks I’ve found through digging over the years, and I really wanted to emulate the feeling I get from those”

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Download Fantastic Negrito’s ‘Chocolate Samurai’

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This week’s download comes from Fantastic Negrito’s forthcoming third album. You have seven days to download his song “Chocolate Samurai.”

Fantastic Negrito | photo credit: Lyle Owerko

From the press release:

When you listen to Fantastic Negrito, you’re invited to hear the story of life after destruction. Each song is a real story about a musician from Oakland who experienced the highs of a million-dollar record deal, the lows of a near fatal car accident that left him in a coma, and is now in the midst of a rebirth that took him from the streets of Oakland to the world stage.

The narrative of this man is as important as the sound, because the narrative is the sound. Songs born from a long hard life channeled through black roots music. Slide guitar, drums, piano. Urgent, desperate, edgy.
Negrito burst on to the national radar by winning the inaugural NPR Tiny Desk contest in 2015, and has since won Grammys for his first two albums: The Last Days of Oakland (2017) and Please Don’t Be Dead (2019). His third album, Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?, arrives this summer and includes features from fellow Tiny Desk winner Tank (Tank and the Bangas) and Bay Area legend E-40.

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Download Fontaines D.C.’s latest song ‘A Hero’s Death’

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This week’s download comes from Fontaines D.C. and their forthcoming album “A Hero’s Death.” You have seven days to download their title track.

Fontaines D.C. | photo via Facebook

From the press release:

Barely a year since their debut Dogrel earned them a spot as one of the most acclaimed new bands of 2019, Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. will return with A Hero’s Death on July 31 via Partisan Records. Arriving battered and bruised – albeit beautiful – the album is anything but a re-hash of the swaggering energy from their first record, instead the music is patient, confident, and complex – heady and philosophical takes on the modern world and its great uncertainty. The album serves as a conscious effort to subvert expectations, to challenge themselves and their listeners, and to sacrifice one identity in order to take on another – one that is fully their own.

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Download Chicano Batman’s latest song ‘Blank Slate’

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This week’s download comes from Chicano Batman and their latest album “Invisible People.” You have seven days to download their song “Blank Slate.”

Chicano Batman | photo via Facebook

From the press release:

Like all the most iconic music born from the West Coast, Chicano Batman’s Invisible People offers an instant escape into the beautifully strange world they inhabit. Throughout their fourth album, vocalist/keyboardist Bardo Martinez, guitarist Carlos Arévalo, bassist Eduardo Arenas, and drummer Gabriel Villa channel the kinetic spirit of Los Angeles into a wildly shapeshifting sound, ultimately finding an unstoppable joy in following their most outrageous instincts.

In creating the follow-up to 2017’s Freedom Is Free, Chicano Batman again teamed up with Leon Michels—a producer/songwriter/musician who’s worked with The Carters, A$AP Rocky, and Lee Fields & the Expressions, and performed in such bands as Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. Though Martinez partly tracked his vocals at Diamond Mine Studios in Queens, much of the album came to life at Barefoot Studios: the legendary Hollywood spot where the likes of Parliament-Funkadelic and Stevie Wonder recorded in the ’70s. Mixed by Shawn Everett (Vampire Weekend, Alabama Shakes, Beck), the result is Chicano Batman’s most imaginative body of work yet, a collection of songs that could only come from their own idiosyncratic minds.

While Invisible People embodies elements of hip-hop—especially in its endless barrage of addictive hooks and hard-hitting beats—the album also mines inspiration from krautrock acts like Can and Neu! and the Nigerian synth-funk of William Onyeabor, along with genres as disparate as R&B and prog-rock. As the band expanded their sonic identity, Martinez made a point of matching the album’s dynamic sound by bringing more grit and attitude to his vocal delivery, as well as changing up his lyrical approach. “I used to have this preoccupation with trying to be super-poetic in my lyrics, and now I’m more focused on making it sure it flows and it moves, because that’s what’s going to make people really feel something,” says Martinez. “I feel like I was soul-searching on all these songs, but it’s just a different way of doing it.”

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Download Bibio’s latest song ‘Sleep On The Wing’

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This week’s download comes from Bibio and his new album “Ribbons.” You have seven days to download his song “Sleep On The Wing.”

Bibio | via artist’s Facebook page

From press release:

Bibio returns, just over a year on from his latest album Ribbons, with a new ten-track EP titled Sleep On The Wing due for release on June 12th on Warp Records. The release follows a pattern Bibio has established in his work; releasing a follow-up EP after an album exploring similar sonic ground. This release draws on a familiar range of influences from traditional folk, peaceful atmospheric soundscapes and field recordings from the natural world. Stephen Wilkinson (Bibio) once again demonstrates the breadth of his musicality, embracing a wide range of self-played instruments including the strings which gave Ribbons much of its flavour, and features some new accouplements for good measure.

On his latest single, Sleep On The Wing, a gentle melodic theme is bowed and plucked, capturing the care-free energy and rolling countryside views detailed in the lyrics, which sing of hope in the face of something painful or tragic, and are carried by the softly bittersweet harmonies of the instrumentation. Its title and lyrics, inspired by a swift’s ability to sleep during flight, have been brought to life in a beautiful video animated by Sonnye Lim. The video echoes the lyrics in capturing a sense of joyful freedom in its motif of a swift flying from dark city to rural landscapes as spring turns to summer.

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Download Run the Jewels’ new album, ‘RTJ4’

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Normally, we do a song for the download of the week, but this week we are doing an entire album and I think the album is perfect for a time like this.

This week you can download the entire Run the Jewels album “RTJ4.” We know this album is free and available, but we are sharing the clean version, for those who want it. You can download the album below and check out resources to take action in the fight against injustice and systemic racism courtesy of Run the Jewels.

Run The Jewels | photo credit:  Tim Saccenti

The album features collaborations with & contributions from Pharrell Williams, Zack de la Rocha, Mavis Staples, 2 Chainz, Josh Homme, DJ Premier and more.

From Run the Jewels:

For fans looking to do some good through donation, Run The Jewels have provided a list of organizations on their website that are fighting for justice, change, and equity in America, including their longtime allies the National Lawyers Guild which, amongst other things, provides legal representation for lawful protesters.

You can find the full list of organizations here:

If you like to download the unedited album, head over to Run the Jewels website.

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Download Aluna’s debut dance track ‘Body Pump’

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This week’s download comes from Aluna (1/2 of the duo AlunaGeorge). You have seven days to download her song “Body Pump” from her forthcoming solo debut album.

Aluna makes her mark as a solo artist with the release of her spectacular debut single ‘Body Pump.” One half and front-woman to the internationally renowned British duo AlunaGeorge, the critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer is stepping out on her own having inked a global deal with Los Angeles based record label Mad Decent and confirming a debut album is on its way.

Aluna | photo credit:  Jeremy Paul Bali

“Having enjoyed being the main ingredient to many successful dance records, I started wanting to create the whole dish. In the past when performing on the stages of my white male peers, I always felt like a visitor being one of the few Black women I could see, so it never fully occurred to me to claim dance music as my music, as an artist, even though it was at the heart of my connection to music.” Aluna admits.

“Then I looked at the history of dance music and saw how, for example, Chicago House, known as the invention of house music, was pioneered in the Black and Latino LGTBQ+ communities which gave me inspiration to stake my flag in the ground as a Black woman in dance music by taking control of production and songwriting with my own vibe.”

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Download’s Ultraista’s new song ‘Harmony’

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This week’s download comes from Ultraista’s new album “Sister.” You have seven days to download their song “Harmony.”

Ultraista | courtesy of artist

From the press release:

Fueled by swirling synthesizers, ethereal vocals, and intoxicating rhythms, Ultraísta’s hypnotic new album, Sister is a world unto itself, a textured sonic labyrinth full of melodic twists and turns that fire off like synapse after synapse in the group’s shared musical brain. The songs here are surreal yet grounded, enigmatic yet direct, improvisatory yet meticulous.

It’s a collection that defies easy categorization, and one that proves that the band— producer/engineer/musician Nigel Godrich, best known for his two decades helming Radiohead’s groundbreaking studio output; celebrated drummer Joey Waronker, who’s toured and recorded with everyone from R.E.M. and Beck to Roger Waters and Elliott Smith; and singer Laura Bettinson, an acclaimed solo artist whose work combines synth-driven electropop and dreamy vocal looping—is far more than just the sum of its remarkable parts.

The songs are abstract canvases streaked with raw emotion, sonic inkblots full of perpetually shifting arrangements and hypnotizing, breathy vocals that float out over a churning sea of synthesizers, strings, and tumbling percussion. “This music conjures up something different in everyone,” says Waronker. “You can draw what you need from it, and that’s what always keeps me coming back for more.”

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Download Mild Minds latest song, ‘Movement’

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This week’s download comes from Australian artist Mild Minds. You have seven days to download the song “Movement” from the album “MOOD.”

Mild Minds | Photo credit: Andrew Noel & Tegan Butler

From the press release:

Mild Minds has unveiled his debut album MOOD, released March 13th via Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records. A nine-track release, MOOD is underpinned by a polished brand of ambient electronica that the Australian artist has made his own. Kicking off with “MOVEMENTS”, an ethereal, experimental offering that has previously been released as a single, the LP then masterfully careens through different styles and tempos, strung together by Mild Minds’ own vocals.

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Download Jerry Paper’s new song ‘Cholla’

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This week’s download comes from Jerry Paper’s upcoming album “Abracadabra.” You have seven days to download the song “Cholla.”

Jerry Paper
Jerry Paper | via artist’s Facebook page

From the press release:

Jerry Paper is Lucas Nathan. Jerry Paper is instant coffee, bullshit jobs, weekly therapy sessions, crises of conscience, corporate mascots, 5meo-DMT trips, jokers down on their luck, surveillance, a jacked dad high on meth at a child’s party, apologies, trash cans, cacti, and the magic of words.

From its initial days as a DIY solo synth project in the early 2010s to its current incarnation as a five-piece band, Jerry Paper has always been the earthly conduit for the wild and uncanny imagination of its creative mastermind.

In 2019, back from traveling the world for the I Am Begging You To Come To These Shows tour, Jerry Paper hung up his flowing dress and sandals, glided into the studio, and began giving material form to his next musical manifestation: Abracadabra. Where his last couple of records were recorded and produced in a Toronto studio with his BadBadNotGood friends, and the recent album Like A Baby included collaborations with Matty Tavares, Weyes Blood, Mild High Club and Charlotte Day Wilson, for Abracadabra Nathan decided to go it alone.

Abracadabra is about the significance and limitations of language, written and recorded at a time when Nathan was rediscovering the power of words, stories and symbols. (The etymology of “abracadabra” is said to be an Aramaic phrase meaning “it will be created in my words”.) And so, with words crowding his brain and MIDI arrangements sketched out, Nathan magicked the new Jerry Paper album into existence. Over thirteen songs, he serves up a blend of jazzy instrumentation with soft-rock stylings and some seriously catchy earworms, forging a style that hints at the avant-pop of Scott Walker, the sweet enchantment of Paul McCartney, and the cryptic, smooth grooves of Steely Dan.

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