Download Aluna’s debut dance track ‘Body Pump’

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This week’s download comes from Aluna (1/2 of the duo AlunaGeorge). You have seven days to download her song “Body Pump” from her forthcoming solo debut album.

Aluna makes her mark as a solo artist with the release of her spectacular debut single ‘Body Pump.” One half and front-woman to the internationally renowned British duo AlunaGeorge, the critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer is stepping out on her own having inked a global deal with Los Angeles based record label Mad Decent and confirming a debut album is on its way.

Aluna | photo credit:  Jeremy Paul Bali

“Having enjoyed being the main ingredient to many successful dance records, I started wanting to create the whole dish. In the past when performing on the stages of my white male peers, I always felt like a visitor being one of the few Black women I could see, so it never fully occurred to me to claim dance music as my music, as an artist, even though it was at the heart of my connection to music.” Aluna admits.

“Then I looked at the history of dance music and saw how, for example, Chicago House, known as the invention of house music, was pioneered in the Black and Latino LGTBQ+ communities which gave me inspiration to stake my flag in the ground as a Black woman in dance music by taking control of production and songwriting with my own vibe.”

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Download’s Ultraista’s new song ‘Harmony’

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This week’s download comes from Ultraista’s new album “Sister.” You have seven days to download their song “Harmony.”

Ultraista | courtesy of artist

From the press release:

Fueled by swirling synthesizers, ethereal vocals, and intoxicating rhythms, Ultraísta’s hypnotic new album, Sister is a world unto itself, a textured sonic labyrinth full of melodic twists and turns that fire off like synapse after synapse in the group’s shared musical brain. The songs here are surreal yet grounded, enigmatic yet direct, improvisatory yet meticulous.

It’s a collection that defies easy categorization, and one that proves that the band— producer/engineer/musician Nigel Godrich, best known for his two decades helming Radiohead’s groundbreaking studio output; celebrated drummer Joey Waronker, who’s toured and recorded with everyone from R.E.M. and Beck to Roger Waters and Elliott Smith; and singer Laura Bettinson, an acclaimed solo artist whose work combines synth-driven electropop and dreamy vocal looping—is far more than just the sum of its remarkable parts.

The songs are abstract canvases streaked with raw emotion, sonic inkblots full of perpetually shifting arrangements and hypnotizing, breathy vocals that float out over a churning sea of synthesizers, strings, and tumbling percussion. “This music conjures up something different in everyone,” says Waronker. “You can draw what you need from it, and that’s what always keeps me coming back for more.”

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Download Mild Minds latest song, ‘Movement’

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This week’s download comes from Australian artist Mild Minds. You have seven days to download the song “Movement” from the album “MOOD.”

Mild Minds | Photo credit: Andrew Noel & Tegan Butler

From the press release:

Mild Minds has unveiled his debut album MOOD, released March 13th via Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records. A nine-track release, MOOD is underpinned by a polished brand of ambient electronica that the Australian artist has made his own. Kicking off with “MOVEMENTS”, an ethereal, experimental offering that has previously been released as a single, the LP then masterfully careens through different styles and tempos, strung together by Mild Minds’ own vocals.

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Download Jerry Paper’s new song ‘Cholla’

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This week’s download comes from Jerry Paper’s upcoming album “Abracadabra.” You have seven days to download the song “Cholla.”

Jerry Paper
Jerry Paper | via artist’s Facebook page

From the press release:

Jerry Paper is Lucas Nathan. Jerry Paper is instant coffee, bullshit jobs, weekly therapy sessions, crises of conscience, corporate mascots, 5meo-DMT trips, jokers down on their luck, surveillance, a jacked dad high on meth at a child’s party, apologies, trash cans, cacti, and the magic of words.

From its initial days as a DIY solo synth project in the early 2010s to its current incarnation as a five-piece band, Jerry Paper has always been the earthly conduit for the wild and uncanny imagination of its creative mastermind.

In 2019, back from traveling the world for the I Am Begging You To Come To These Shows tour, Jerry Paper hung up his flowing dress and sandals, glided into the studio, and began giving material form to his next musical manifestation: Abracadabra. Where his last couple of records were recorded and produced in a Toronto studio with his BadBadNotGood friends, and the recent album Like A Baby included collaborations with Matty Tavares, Weyes Blood, Mild High Club and Charlotte Day Wilson, for Abracadabra Nathan decided to go it alone.

Abracadabra is about the significance and limitations of language, written and recorded at a time when Nathan was rediscovering the power of words, stories and symbols. (The etymology of “abracadabra” is said to be an Aramaic phrase meaning “it will be created in my words”.) And so, with words crowding his brain and MIDI arrangements sketched out, Nathan magicked the new Jerry Paper album into existence. Over thirteen songs, he serves up a blend of jazzy instrumentation with soft-rock stylings and some seriously catchy earworms, forging a style that hints at the avant-pop of Scott Walker, the sweet enchantment of Paul McCartney, and the cryptic, smooth grooves of Steely Dan.

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Loren Oden celebrates women of color on ‘Queen’

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This week’s download comes from singer/songwriter Loren Oden. You have seven days to download his song “Queen.”

Loren Oden | photo credit: The Art Form Studio

From the press release:

Loren Oden just shared “Queen,” the latest single from his debut album “My Heart, My Love,” along with a gorgeous new video. The “Queen” video celebrates young women of color who are on their journey, finding power in their voices,” notes Oden.

Produced and orchestrated by multi-instrumentalist Adrian Younge, romanticism is back with My Heart, My Love via Younge’s Linear Labs. On the 14-song set, the Los Angeles-based singer shares a uniquely curated sound with the listener: one with lyrical transparency and vulnerability, reminiscent of classic black soul and progressive R&B.

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Download TOKiMONSTA’s ‘Get Me Some’

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This week’s download comes from TOKiMONSTA’s latest album “Oasis Nocturno.” You have seven days to download her song “Get Me Some” featuring Drew Love and Dumbfounded.

BethanyVargas TOKiMONSTA | Photo credit: Bethany Vargas

Over the last decade, the Los Angeles producer and Young Art label boss, TOKiMONSTA has helped define the sound of modern dance and beat music. In the process, she has received the co-signs of the biggest names in electronic and repped for the West Coast underground at the Grammys — all without sacrificing the purity of her vision or relying on exploding glowstick bombast. The secret is that there is no secret, other than the compositional genius and futuristic melodies embedded into the gleaming, technicolor mandalas of hip-hop instrumentalism, pop, R&B-soul, house and IDM that encompass the TOKiMONSTA sound.

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Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad team up with Roy Ayers for ‘Hey Lover’

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This week’s download comes from the duo Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad and their latest project “Jazz is Dead 001.” You have seven days to download the song “Hey Lover” featuring Roy Ayers.

From the press release:

Music is the universal language and we are the interpreter of sound, a message that has been lost in transcription. Under Jazz Is Dead, younger artists are elaborating upon conversations started decades ago; jazz icons are utilizing vintage equipment to create new masters with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad; the same equipment that recorded their coveted catalogs. The vitality embedded in the new masters epitomizes our quest for new life in music: Jazz Is Dead.

The addition of harmonics to the fundamental tone is what makes any voice or instrument sound good; the insurgence of spirit and vitality to a dead language revitalizes its meaning for the future. Any disturbance of regularities acts as tension: tensions to the dimension of jazz. Any syncopation against innocuous rhythms changes the minds and heartbeats of all. These are metronome markings that make some uncomfortable, but beats that keep us going. With impeccable concert programming, breathtaking recordings and unflinching perspective, we can feel the pulse. The power of sound is captivating and the movement needs no further exegesis: Jazz Is Dead.

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Download Wilma Archer’s ‘Decades’ ft. Laura Groves and Samuel T. Herring

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This week’s download comes from the producer, composer Wilma Archer and his debut album “A Western Circular.” You have seven days to download his song “Decades” featuring Laura Groves and Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring.

Wilma Archer
Wilma Archer | via Facebook

From the press release:

Within A Western Circular lies an exciting and varied crew of guest artists including MF DOOM, Samuel T. Herring (of Future Islands), Sudan Archives, and Laura Groves, who contribute vocals to his rich, dexterous compositions. These collaborations are the by-product of several years of writing and producing—he’s credited on debut albums by Sudan Archives (co-writing lead single “Confessions”) and Nilüfer Yanya (producing seven songs, and co-writing one, “Paralysed”). He’s also worked with Jessie Ware and Celeste.

An album that’s been in the works for the past half-decade, A Western Circular is a bold, reflective piece that directly relates to Archer’s personal experiences of life and death, centered on one particular week where they breathed with equal intensity. The record’s themes of greed, love and loyalty all relate back to that specific time. Inspired by author John Fante, A Western Circular is a spiritual voyage through life’s pushing and pulling, and a poignant reflection on the duality of the human condition: finding beauty in the rough, sadness in the bright.

On the record, Archer has uncovered new depths and forged an invigorating singular sound—supple and multi-layered, honoring his acoustic heritage and influence, while building a sonic universe that commands contemporary references to everything from Frank Zappa to Yasuaki Shimuzu, Robert Wyatt to Arthur Russell.

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Avi Kaplan’s ‘I’ll Get By’ is the perfect song for dealing with these difficult times

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This week’s download comes from Avi Kaplan. You have seven days to download his uplifting tune “I’ll Get By.”

Avi Kaplan | photo by Bree Marie Fish

On I’ll Get By, Kaplan, the former Pentatonix star, raised just 40 minutes from Sequoia National Park in the rolling hills of central California, rediscovered his musical roots and delved deeper into the music he’s always loved. Exploring a range of sounds from soul to bluegrass, these songs are threaded together by the search for spiritual redemption, and cast with acoustic guitar, pedal steel, swirling organ and deep groove percussion that beautifully complement Avi’s haunting, other worldly vocal ability.


“I’ll Get By”
Early in the morning
I feel stones upon my chest
That I carry to the evening
Til I lay back down to rest

But I’ll get by
I’ll get by

I’m tired and growing weary
Of these clouds that follow me
Swallowed by the shadows
When it’s sunshine that I need

But I’ll get by
I’ll get by

I been feeling hollow
Yeah my soul just can’t be found
So fill me with the feeling
That this all will turn around

Take all my cares away
Lighten my load
Trust it’ll be OK
But til then I’ll go

Onward down the road
Carried by the hope

That I’ll get by
I’ll get by

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CocoRosie returns with new album ‘Put The Shine On’

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This week’s download comes from the duo CocoRosie and their new album “Put The Shine On.” You have 10 days to download their song “Burning Down The House.”

CocoRosie |  photo by Peter Hönnemann

From the press release

In the nearly five years since CocoRosie released their last album, sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady have been far from idle. In addition to composing for theater pieces, collaborating with legendary theater director Robert Wilson, performing with the Kronos Quartet, and more recently popping up on Chance the Rapper’s The Big Day, the duo have been engaged in the messy business of life. Created in fits and starts over the course of four years, amidst the backdrop of death, divorce, mental illness, falling in love, and copious amounts of healing, CocoRosie’s 7th album—Put The Shine On—is a study in extremes, balancing some of the most fresh and adroit pop songs the band has ever crafted, while exploring the most extreme states of human feeling and being—the result being an album that is both pristine and at times harrowing.

Put The Shine On is a record that luxuriates in extremes, reflecting the pain and confusion of mental illness (“They’re trying to Britney Spears me”) and the anguish of unpacking trauma (“Held the lamb in my hand, beheld its eyes / Shocked wide with death” Bianca sings on “Aloha Friday”), while also gleefully celebrating the possibility of newness, of wildness, and the ever-present potential for transformation. Nearly two decades deep into a career marked by experimentation and bucking convention, the duo has made what is arguably the most well-considered, emotionally complicated, and sonically adventurous record of their career.

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