The Goods deliver a future funk gem with ‘Peach’

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This week’s download comes from the Australian trio The Goods. You have seven days to download their sensual funk tune, “Peach.”

The Goods

The Goods are back with a second single, “Peach,” a collection of moods with an obsession for chasing the funk. When their vocalist Black Tree heard the beat for the first time in the studio, lyrics and melodies flowed instantly. He says: “My hope is that it becomes a feel-good anthem for sexual liberation. Freedom from shame is after all about opening yourself up to the world and that act of vulnerability breaks down walls and allows us to come together.” Reminiscent of early Prince, “Peach” is sure to keep you dancing through the Summer with a tasty combination of sweet melody and juicy rhythm.

One of Australia’s most dynamic up & coming acts, The Goods have become vital members of Sydney’s rising soul/electronic scene in just a few short years. With word spreading internationally and the band recently joining forces with Brooklyn-based label Bastard Jazz Recordings, The Goods are gearing up to release their hotly anticipated Make Your Move EP as they put the finishing touches on their debut album out later this year.

Consisting of founding members Badmandela and Rosario, along with the more recent addition of vocalist Black Tree, The Goods first burst onto the scene in 2016 with the release of their self-titled double EP rooted in a steady stream of hip-hop, space funk, low slung house and soul. Recognized by outlets such as Complex, MTV, VICE and Indie Shuffle, The Goods have also been heralded for their smashing live sets, sharing stages with the likes of Oddisee and Onra, in addition, to highlight performances at various music festivals.

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Steve Lacy evokes the spirit of Prince on ‘Playground’

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This week’s download comes from The Internet’s Steve Lacy and his latest album “Apollo XXI.” You have seven days to download his song “Playground.”

Steve Lacy

“The debut album of wunderkind Steve Lacy plunges him directly into the depths of the urban pop greats in that he is redefining what it means to be both urban and pop. In the mode of Prince, D’Angelo and Hendrix he is a producer, writer, singer, guitar player; unafraid to blend genre to push the urban music landscape forward. With a veteran’s resume this 20-year Compton, CA kid refuses to be put in the “alt R&B” box; Steve’s debut is pure music and light.”

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Need some new house music? Download Moon Boots ‘Juanita’

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This week’s download comes from producer Moon Boots and his latest album “Bimini Road.” You have seven days to download the song “Juanita.”

Moon Boots

Born in Brooklyn, Moon Boots musical obsession started not long after he could walk. His early love of piano lead to a passion for keyboards and synthesizers. Teenage nights lost in the work of Daft Punk, A Tribe Called Quest and Herbie Hancock followed. Knowing what he was meant to do, he moved to the house music epicenter of Chicago, where he tirelessly passed out demos to local DJs and scoured the web for like-minded people with whom he could share and expand on his sound. The stars aligned when he had a chance encounter with Perseus, founder of an adventurous new label, French Express. A fellow junkie and fan of French House and R&B-infused dance music; Perseus became a friend and mentor. Pete blends jazz, house, funk, and soul into songs not just for DJs, but for everyone.

With Bimini Road, Moon Boots has brought back collaborators from both his debut album and his ambitious 7-person live show. Black Gatsby, Nic Hanson (‘Keep The Faith’) and KONA (‘Fortune Teller’) all make appearances that help to make Bimini Road Moon Boots’ most compelling musical statement to date. Ross Clark (St Lucia) contributes guitar to three of the album’s hookiest and most affecting tracks. Moon Boots’ eagerness to bring melody and songcraft to unpredictable-but-accessible club grooves make him stand out in a crowded field of beatmakers.

The album also features new collaborators, including Little Boots, whose song ‘You Won’t See Me Cry’ carries echoes of Blondie, ABBA and Giorgio Moroder. LA-based pop chanteuse Niia, next-generation house diva Kaleena Zanders and Gary Saxby of the Harlem Gospel Choir.

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sir Was tugs at the heart on ‘No Giving Up’

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This week’s download comes from Sweden’s sir Was and his new album “Holding On To A Dream.” You have seven days to download the song “No Giving Up.”

“The latest track, “No Giving Up,” begins the journey of his upcoming album “Holding On To A Dream”. Set out to explore the universal feeling of heartache within relationships when you’re caught between wanting to give up, and when to fight for that person. A tender recollection of his previous relationship, sir Was is set to have a more lush and affectionate sound to accompany this new chapter rather than the lo-fi trademark of his previous work.” – via Notion

sir Was

The album showcases another side of Joel’s skillset, a mesmerizing twisting of genres – from classic soul and old-school hip-hop, to beautifully fresh pop structures. The new record is dense with ideas and adventurous, a sonic-leap forth, a personal but not private, a detailed account of Wästberg’s own life, of relationships found and lost, but also a collection of universal themes: love, fear, and connections

Negating the difficult-second-album narrative, the new album is buoyed by that newfound confidence. Where once there was trepidation and anxiety, Wästberg’s new work can be seen as a celebration of self-conviction, a record that sees him step out of the background and into the spotlight, unafraid to document all the highs and lows, the darkness and light.

The sense of exploration resonates throughout the album and can be defined by its start and endpoints. Opening track ‘Fly Away’ begins the expedition, while the beautifully bright and sincere, ’Deployed’ – a collaboration with Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano- is a perhaps the most vivid pop song that sir Was has released to-date. “No Giving Up” is a tender recollection of a past relationship, and “Holding On To A Dream” is a dreamy, groovy, lustrous treat.

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Grab Metronomy’s new song ‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’ before it melts

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This week’s download comes from Metronomy and their upcoming album “Metronomy Forever.” You have seven days to download the song “Salted Caramel Ice Cream.”


The follow-up to 2016’s “Summer 08,” “Metronomy Forever” features 17 tracks. Its length is born from a desire for breathing room, from not wanting to stuff the hits together like a bouquet of petrol station roses – a modern way of listening to music. Metronomy’s innate skill for blending off-kilter funk, energizing club vibes and esoteric pop is interspersed with some mood-setting, glistening and melodic electronic tracks.

The band’s leader Joseph Mount called upon a variety of inspirations for this album. Most notably, he wanted to replicate the feeling of listening to the radio, with an infinite quality, sumptuous songs of different styles, ever rolling, helping to lighten your mood. Moving away from the bustle of his former Parisian home to take up residence atop a hill in the garden of England had an impact, infusing the album with a sense of tranquillity and a calm joy that reflects the relative happiness of his existence.

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Download Ra Ra Riot’s new song ‘Belladonna’

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This week’s download comes from Ra Ra Riot and their latest album “Superbloom.” You have seven days to download their song “Belladonna.”

Ra Ra Riot

Their most extravagantly realized work to date, “Superbloom” finds Ra Ra Riot taking a decidedly pop-minded approach to the album-making process.

In shedding their inhibitions, Ra Ra Riot ultimately created an impossibly radiant album, a selection of songs powered by imaginative yet indelible melodies. At the same time, the band maintains the offbeat eclecticism they’ve embraced since first forming as a baroque-pop outfit back in the mid-2000s, embedding “Superbloom’s” lavish arrangements with elements of psychedelia, new wave, punk and country.

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Chill out and reflect on Rhi’s latest song ‘Swagger’

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This week’s download comes from the solo producer, singer and songwriter Rhi and her upcoming album “The Pale Queen.” You have seven days to download her song “Swagger.”

Set against a backdrop of glistening instrumentals and the sweetness of chime trees, “Swagger” sees Rhi’s chill-hop beats ooze all the laid-back self-assurance of the subject of the track, as Rhi calls out the disingenuity of those proud enough to “peacock” in public.


“You like to think you’re different, the definition of cool… does your mind match the swagger?” her unambiguous plain-speaking vocals echo, as she asks the question that many fear – what is under the façade? – making it very clear that she will not be fooled. “It’s a cliché,” Rhi confesses “but ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ is the underlying idea.”

Recording the video for “Swagger,” Rhi returned to her Canadian roots and headed to Vancouver, seeking out locations throughout the city that harmonized with the effortless cool of the track. Shooting with the naturally romantic lighting provided at twilight, the visuals see Rhi strutting through the city whilst a skateboarder shows what he has to offer; lurking in the shadows and skating around her in slow motion.

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KOKOKO! brings a dance party with ‘Buka Dansa’

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This week’s download comes from KOKOKO! and their latest release “Fongola.” You have seven days to download the song “Buka Dansa.”


KOKOKO! began in 2016 in Kinshasa. Electronic artist Débruit was in town working on a film soundtrack and began collaborating with Makara Bianko, a charismatic singer who performs with his dancers to electronic loops, and separately with a number of ingenious musical instrument creators and artists.

They threw a spontaneous block party, and though many of them hadn’t known each other previously, the energy really clicked between Makara Bianko, Débruit, Boms Bomolo, Dido Oweke, Love Lokombe and Bovic Mwepu (who has since passed away), and together they became the founding members of the group KOKOKO!, which is part of a wider collective of multidisciplinary artists.

Signed with independent label Transgressive (Flume, SOPHIE, Let’s Eat Grandma), their distorted polyrhythms and spontaneous lo-fi sounds provide a chaotic soundtrack to their home country. When most people think of culture in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it’s The Rumble in The Jungle fight of Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman and the accompanying Soul Power concert with James Brown in the ’70s, Mobutu in his abacost and leopard print hat, les sapeurs in their elegant tailoring, and the king of Congolese rumba Papa Wemba.

A faded vintage postcard. KOKOKO! represent the antithesis of tradition, and their debut album Fongola — which translates to “the key” — is a torrid, anarchic, youthful journey smashing a new path through modern life in Africa’s third most populous city.

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Enjoy the tropical-tinged garage rock of Pinky Pinky’s ‘Do Me Dirty (Charlie)”

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This week’s download comes from the trio Pinky Pinky and their new album “Turkey Dinner.” You have seven days to download their song “Do Me Dirty (Charlie).”

Pinky Pinky

Pinky Pinky have good gut instincts. During an era of limitless distractions, societal pressures and sonic trends, the three best friends are focused on being happy and blissful on the outside of all that noise. The trio grew up together in Los Angeles and there’s a shared understanding of what makes them all tick.

Together with her punk cohorts Anastasia Sanchez (vocalist/drummer, 20), guitarist Isabelle Fields (19), and bassist Eva Chambers (19) have a clear understanding that Pinky Pinky’s modus operandi is in not overthinking their decisions. You can hear that on their debut album, Turkey Dinner due on Innovative Leisure.

It follows their two prior EPs, most recently 2018’s “Hot Tears.” Their first full-length, however, is even freer than their previous efforts. It’s a patchwork quilt of garage rock and oddball indie. It’s rooted in classic bass, drums, guitar, but it’s bolstered by the perspectives of a trio of LA youths writing about their everyday observations, anxieties and passions.

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NFL pro turned rapper Arian Foster (aka Bobby Feeno) shares ‘S.W.A.N.’

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This week’s download comes from former NFL athlete turned rapper Arian Foster aka Bobby Feeno. You have seven days to download the new song “S.W.A.N.” from “A Late February.”

Bobby Feeno

In 2016, Arian Foster retired from the NFL on a high note. He was a star four-time Pro Bowl running back, known for his epic Namaste bow that doubled as his victory dance whenever he scored a touchdown. Now he’s Bobby Feeno, critically acclaimed musician. But that musical trajectory was tightly woven into his narrative long before he ever picked up a football. As Bobby Feeno readies his Mass Appeal debut EP, A Late February, he continues to build upon his solid music career, as he heads for stardom.

Previously in 2018, Feeno dropped a multi-dimensional project, Flamingo & Koval, which was released via TIDAL through LeBron James’ Uninterrupted imprint. The project was also accompanied by a documentary titled “Becoming Bobby Feeno”, which depicted Feeno’s inspiring transition from the field to the stage. After a number of labels showed interest in Feeno, he signed to Mass Appeal Records and is geared to release A Late February on Friday, June 14, 2019.

Bobby Feeno has made the full transformation from athlete to artist, and A Late February is proof. However, he keeps one solid goal in mind: “I think my mission is to reach as many people as possible,” he says. “At the same time, I’m finding myself through the process.”

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