The Midwest Beat say goodbye with final album, ‘Incantations’

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Photo courtesy of the Midwest Beat

With all the band’s travels and experiences, it’s the people that stood out while noting their love for Milwaukee’s home base.

“Best parts were all the good friends we spent time with, people that traveled with us or would host us. Lots of unforgettable people along the way,” Chris Capelle says. “Splitting a bill with old Milwaukee friends usually makes for the best/most fun shows.”

The Midwest Beat recorded this album in Madison with Kyle Motor and had it mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. It’s essentially a compilation of the best tracks from what they’ve recorded since their last LP “Free of Being” in 2014. Chris does mention that there are some more tracks from where these came from and hopes to release those eventually as well.

The final album is a 13-track compilation that rallies together “honorary band members,” as Kyle mentions, and it’s the first release where all four members contributed a song for the album.

“We kinda beat ourselves up at the end trying to finish it and eventually it just sat there all done,” Kyle says.

Listen to the goodbye below:

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Saint Miguel’s new song, ‘Brownskin.,’ is a message of self-love for girls and women of color

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With “Brownskin.,” Saint Miguel says he wants to provide words of encouragement to his sisters—both biological and not.

“It’s meant as empowerment for my two little sisters and really all females that have some melanin. In today’s world I feel as though they’re the least checked on and most scrutinized group of people. I wanted to create a record to tell my sisters and anybody that needed to hear it that they’re queens and not to think of themselves as anything less.”

The track is the first single off his upcoming EP titled “Self Care” set to release closer to summer. It focuses on the journey of self-love through his personal experiences and struggles. Listen to “Brownskin.” below:

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Fuzzysurf sounds exactly like you would expect in new single, ‘Problems’

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With catchy hooks, melodic vocals and dismissive lyrics, the track is a poppy jam that packs a carefree attitude of avoiding problems and opinions with a blasé perspective. Doused in harmonies and bouncy backings, the group has a heavy surf rock influence, but the single showcases their foundation with power pop songwriting and style. The two cohesively create a charismatic sound that is both entertaining and engaging. Listen to the single below.

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Justin Vernon’s artist collective debuts new Milwaukee duo, OQ

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The compilation pulls together some amazing names in Milwaukee talent—Quamme, O’Brien, Alex Heaton, Josh Evert, Ivan Eisenber, Treccy Marquardt-Thomas, D’Amato, Caley Conway, Dana Elyse Smith, Mike Noyce, Derek De Vinney, Steven Strupp, Carmen Quinliven, Sarah Shay, Caley Conway, John Larkin, Ian Olvera, Alex Scott and Hesper Juhnke. And it was recorded at Silver City Studios and mastered by Zach Hanson.

Liam O’Brien and Cole Quamme, photo by Kelly Michael Anderson

OQ’s EP touches on more serious and bleak topics—opening with “Obligations,” a track on our global landscape—while also contrasting it with some carefreeness and vivacity. The follow-up is literally called “Song You Can Dance To.”  Their first show will be this Saturday at Company Brewing with NO/NO and Ruth b8r Ginsburg. Listen to the EP below before the show.

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Phylums proves less is more in their long-awaited follow-up

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The 10 track release was a two-city effort—recorded and mixed by Kyle Urban at MotorCo Studio in Madison while mastered by Justin Carl Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering in Milwaukee. The product: a compilation of simplistic rock ‘n’ roll that shows less is more. Phylums plays with a range of surf, psych and garage rock that is effortlessly complimentary and easily gets you into a head-bopping mood. Without force, flash or doing too much, Phylums delivers an enticing, unique and standup release that shows what good, solid rock ‘n’ roll can be.

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Abby Jeanne brings her signature soul to the ‘Isle of Misfit Toys’ on her new holiday single

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The festive single, “Isle of Misfit Toys,” is exactly what you would expect from the soulful songstress, but with a holiday spunk. The original track is a refreshing holiday break from the standard collection of seasonal music while staying true to her genre-blending sound and formative style.

Listen below and catch her at Turner Hall on January 5 for her Music Box Dancer album release show with Saebra & Carlyle.

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Escape the cold season with the tropical warmth of L’Resorts

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The tropical pop group released their first EP “Christmas is a Time for Dreaming”, making for somewhat of a much needed oxymoron of a debut. The four-track release features complimentary vocals, soothing percussion and a welcoming marimba, making it a nice escape from the traditional seasonal music. The EP is a fun, carefree debut that’s perfect for this time of year.  And proceeds also benefit Hunger Task Force! Listen (and donate!) below:

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Black Fuse’s collaborative efforts create a unique experimental hip-hop experience

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Black Fuse’s latest full-length release “MOVEMENT” is a testament to its collaborative efforts. With tight and clean melodic beats, the 11-track record showcases an array of influences and methodology. Recorded between Milwaukee and Nashville, this is first time the duo brought in additional forces to go beyond its normal sound, by implementing multiple vocalists on tracks like “Maverick” and “Talk is Cheap.” Listen to the album below.

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Saebra & Carlyle are moving at the speed of a cinematic car chase, while sounding like one

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Late last week, the duo—singer Saebra Laken and guitarist Carlyle Nowak—released three singles (recorded at Silver City Studios) that encapsulate the moody, ominous psyche sound they’ve cultivated over just one year as an official band. Blending powerhouse vocals with that highway, smoke-filled room sound, the tracks show a darker take on Western rock ‘n’ roll and a fuller sound than we’ve ever heard from the group.

Listen to the three tracks below and be sure to catch Saebra & Carlysle at High Dive or Cactus this weekend.

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Country meets punk as Beaumont James & the Wild Claims makes its gritty debut

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The full-length album is a larger than life country album that drips with Milwaukee grit. Featuring pedal steels, washboards, organ and even a credited jaw harper (Cris Bissell), the album has all the standard elements in the classic honky-tonk sound but gives a Milwaukee spin with a unique punk rock style that the Good Land is known for.

Listen to album below and catch Beaumont James & the Wild Claims at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn for the album release show with S.S. WEB on November 30.

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