Sound Travels Radio #467 | June 23, 2019

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Checking out the new global sound this week with Major Lazer and Anitta, Buju Banton, La Yegros and Femina to name just a few...


VAR "Jah Love"

Buju Banton "Country For Sale"

King Kong "Pree The Money"

Jr. Trinity Brammer "Cool Out Son"

The Movement "Diamond"

Marlon Asher "Healing"

La Yegros "Linda la Cumbia"

Zicario 3D "Puchakay"

Nacion Ekeko "Lago Hermoso"

Mestre Anderson Miguel "No Hoje e na Hora"

Femina "Arriba"

Fillipi & Rodrigo "Minas"

Major Lazer "Make it Hot w/ Anitta"

PEDRO "Rapazes

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Sound Travels Radio #466 | June 16, 2019

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The week that was featured a bevy of new releases from global artists all over the world. Starting with some classic reggae, we explored new releases from Khruangbin and Claude Fontaine. A badass tune from iLe (Residente of Calle 13's little sister), plus other indie Latino gems from Mateo Kingman and Chancha Via Circuito. Cool South African neo-soul from Seba Kaapstad and more typical house vibes from DJ Maphorisaand Kabza de Small. Merengue gets a crucial reboot from Vicente Garcia and brand new stuff from afro-beats star Burna Boy.

Check it out below.

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Sound Travels #465 | May 12, 2019

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Lila Downs Lila Downs
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Balearic beats and vintage reggae, here's today's Sound Travels mix

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Musical artist Claude Fontaine, an "American girl with a French name," as heard on Sound Travels Radio.

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Introducing the folkloric EDM of the rising eléctrica selvática genre

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I certainly dig the new eléctrica selvática sounds. Nicola Cruz and Matanza are two who do it a high degree of dopeness.

We also played Mayra Andrade, whois taking Cesaria Evora's Cape Verdean morna into the future (and it's bright).

I can't wait till Mdou Moctar brings his Saharan rock to The Cooperage this April, and I have been a supporter since his earliest endeavors and his show here last year was dope, so I'm hype.

We also played Kel Assouf, another outfit from the same sands as Moctar. And the new album from Ammar 808 ingenue Sofyann Ben Youssef's rootsy side is some next level desert rock.

Then we move on to Inland Empire outfit Yanga and DJ Subversivo's remix swung the vibe Afro-Colombian on a pair of songs that I think are bullerengue and the close out was Angolan. We got in some Pat Kalla, then Bras Firmino closes with an upbeat song that I've loved for years. Enjoy...

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The unforgettable funk of '70s and '80s Japanese City Pop

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As a child of the '80s, this sound is right up my alley and aligns well with the '80s R&B, yacht rock and disco that I grew up with. My selections for this show range from some interesting points of that era in Japan, to standout cuts from some of the sound's pioneers.

Tatsuro Yamashita Best Pack

Tatsuro Yamashita on the album art for his album, "Best Pack"

Tatsuro Yamashita and Haruomi Hosono are like the godfathers of City Pop and they both get spins here. Others, like singers Ruhriko Ogami and Miharu Koshi, fit well in the mix with their sun-drenched disco soul. Take a listen and discover a world not many remember...


1. "Hotel Malabar Ground Floor…Triangle Circuit On The Sea-Forest" - Haruomi Hosono

2. "Shinzo No Tobira" - Mariah

3."Looking For You" - Ryo Kawasaki

4. "Long Time Before You Were Born" - Ryo Kawasaki

5. "Uragiri" - Mari Natsuki

6. "Barato Yajuu" - Haruomi Hosono

7. "Keep On Dancin'" - Miharu Koshi

8. "Fuwari Fuwa Fuwa" - Ruhriko Ogami

9. "Plastic Love" - Mariya Takeuchi

10. "Yellow Cab" - Tatsuro Yamashita

11. "Night Together" - Yuji Toriyama & Ken Morimura

12. "Love Talkin'" - Tatsuro Yamashita

13. "Tuxedo Connection" - Hitomi Tohyama

14. "Fatback Ohno" - Shunzo Ohno

15. "Shiny Lady" - Hiroshi Sato

16. "Colored Music" - Colored Music

17. "Love Shower" - Minako Yoshida

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The kings of Nigerian jùjú music

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Jùjú music, which emerged as far back as the 1920s, was essentially an intersection between Yoruba drumming and the socially oriented, string-based palm-wine style, which developed in the drinking houses at the time and influenced highlife music as well. Although the early recordings are sonically a little too old to seem like anything other that ethnomusicology, I got the whole thing started with arguably the genre's two biggest stars: Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade.

"Sewele" by Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars

From there, we touched on a few others like Tunji Oyelana, Bob Uhiri, I.K. Dairo and Fatai Rolling Dollar. Sir Shina Peters was in the mix and in some ways the inspiration for the mix as his classic album "Sewele" has just been re-issued by the ever-awesome Strut Records.

Take a listen to the whole mix:

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Taking a 'trip' through Chile's history of psychedelic rock

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When I think about it, Chile has seen some dark days. The narrowest, longest strip of a country has some historical baggage. From the genocidal Spanish conquests of the 16th century, to the murderous (and genocidal) regime of Augusto Pinochet in the 70's, Chile has known its share of dark oppression. Underneath all of that however, indigenous and folkloric cosmologies, almost psychedelic in their shamanism, shine within whatever the sound du jour might happen to be.

Los Jaivas

Beginning in the 60's, Chile has been a fertile ground for all kinds of takes on psych rock. Bands like Los Jaivas were incredibly influential for later bands, some big, some small. Bands like The Psychedelic Schafferson, Orbes and Holydrug Couple were examples I used in the hour to share this psychedelic South American tangent.

With the desert rock of the Sahara in mind, I had to showcase one of my favorite global music artists and sublime guitar work of Mdou Moctar. I've been on his train since I heard his cassette-to-digital introduction on "Sahel Sounds" and in 2019, he looks ready to make some kind of leap. I shared a pair of songs from recent recordings as his latest album "Ilana" looks set for release this spring. Moctar shreds, and call and response vocals make his sound mesmerize. Plus he'll be in Milwaukee on April 5 at The Cooperage.

The rest of the set is a smattering of other new offering from cats like the enigmatic Goatman (from the Swedish collective Goat), a neo-mambo from screamer Mendoza Orkesta out of Tuscon, AZ as well as Leyla McCalla and Patt Kalla & Le Super Mojo.

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Exploring the evolution of Andean folk sounds, with inspiration from Gepe

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In the process of digging for songs and trying to sort out what I needed to play, I learned a lot about folk sounds from all the countries that the Andes inhabits. From Chile's nueva canción to early Peruvian Chicha to pan flute sounds from Bolivia and Ecuador, there is truly too much to share in an hour long program. Especially given that the last part of the hour features newer artists who you can tell were influenced by these roots—from Argentina's Chancha Via Circuito, to Bolivia's Luzmila Carpio, and Ecuadorians Nicola Cruz, Matanza and of course, Gepe.



1. "El Condor Pasa" - Simon & Garfunkel
2. "Un Amor Violento" - Gepe
3. "Que Sacaran Con Querer" - Margot Loyola Palacios
4. "La Partida" - Victor Jara
5. "Cacharpaya" - Gepe
6. "Exiliada Del Sur" - Inti-Illimani
7. "Gringo Bandolero" - Los Jairas
8. "Perla Andina" - Alicia Maguina
9. "La Marcha del Sapo" - Juaneco y su Combo
10. "Tata Inti" - Matanza
11."Quimey Neuquen" - Chancha Via Circuito
12. "Ch'uwa Yaku Kawasaypuni"- Luzmila Carpio
13."Arka" - Nicola Cruz
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Could this 18-year old Jamaican be the future of dancehall?

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For Koffee, “Toast is one of the more sentimental tracks taken from my upcoming EP, Rapture,” “It’s about my musical journey; from being in high school and writing lyrics to entering the music industry and being able to accomplish great things upon my entrance. It’s about the gratitude I feel for all these things.”

Fitting the mood of gratitude the video features appearances from Chronixx and Protoje, almost to assure you that you're listening to the real deal. Produced by Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, the track arrives with a visual that takes us through Koffee’s hometown of Spanish Town, Jamaica. Check it on Sound Travels and keep your fingers crossed that we give this young star the royal treatment on the radio...

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