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Radio Milwaukee's past and future collide at Vinyl Comes Alive. Get your tickets now!

A triple bill to celebrate that our station is almost old enough to drive

Milwaukee’s concert scene has a lot going on, so we look at the shows coming up to find the ones you’ll look back on and be glad you went. Then we add them to our weekly Milwaukee Concert Picks.

Most often, as years continue to pile up, birthdays are looked at with a generous side-eye of trepidation. Not for Radio Milwaukee! Fifteen years is admittedly still pretty fresh (and free of trepidation), so we have everything to look forward to as we add another year, especially since we can finally celebrate in person.

Radio Milwaukee’s 15th Birthday Party goes down at 4 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 1, at our Walker’s Point home, where we’ll welcome as much of the Radio Milwaukee community as we can fit (including you) for our first major event since early 2020.

We’ll have some food and drink together, offer you cool artistic experiences and (most importantly) share some music. You get a veritable sonic buffet provided by our awesome DJ crew and performances by dark-pop duo You Win !!!, hip-hop artist Kia Rap Princess and reggaeton brothers Gego y Nony.

This is what our space was meant for — a party filled to the brim with music-loving community members celebrating what all of us have built together over the past 15 years.

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