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Altin Gün goes from a galaxy far, far away to Turner Hall Ballroom

 A man and a woman play keyboards on stage in a performance space with an illuminated mirror ball sending out streaming of light behind them.
Altin Gün / Facebook

Milwaukee’s concert scene has a lot going on, so we look at the shows coming up to find the ones you’ll look back on and be glad you went. Then we add them to our weekly Milwaukee Concert Picks.

Here in the hallways of Radio Milwaukee, we’ve been talking so much about how excited we are about Turkish psychedelic folk band Altin Gün. The band members got together in the studio last winter and recorded their new live album, Aşk. It’s such a return to their retro roots, bringing forth the sounds of classic 1970s Anatolian rock as they so often do.

The cool thing about this Grammy-nominated group is that, thanks to the success of a recent entry to the Star Wars universe, there’s a chance you’ve heard them even if you think you’ve never heard them.

Just a few months ago, the sequel to the successful Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video-game franchise came out and quickly climbed to No. 3 on the list of this year’s best-sellers. The creators decided Altin Gün’s sound was the perfect fit and added several of the band’s songs to the game as “Altin Lazer Blaster,” bringing their tunes to a galaxy far, far away — and gamers in this one.

Whether you’ve heard them on your gaming console or are just looking to dance to some very summery vibes, I’m really excited for you to take in this amazing group at Turner Hall Ballroom next Monday, July 17.

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